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    Originally Posted by Fana View Post
    Your types are:
    1. Bug
    2. Ghost
    3. Water
    4. Dragon
    5. Ground
    6. Fire
    So I'll have this team:
    1. Bug - Accelgor
    2. Ghost - Dusknoir
    3. Water - Vaporeon
    4. Dragon - Dragagle
    5. Ground - Flygon
    6. Fire - Houndoom

    Vaporeon (Eevee on Route 10), Houndoom (Houndour on Route 10), Flygon (Trapinch on Route 13), Accelgor (Shelmet on Route 14/19, then traded with Karrablast), Dusknoir (Dusclops in Friend Safari, then traded with Reaper Cloth), Dragalge (Skrelp needs to be traded from Y)

    So, I looked it up on and it seems like none of these will be caught before I reach the 2nd Gym. So do I use my starter until then, or do I trade them in? And Duskull and Skrelp NEED to be traded in since I'm playing X and Dusclops is caught only in the Friend Safari. I have all these on my Pokemon Y, so would I transport them from the bank? And would I move just the ones I need, or could I Poketransfer all 6? WHEW! That's enough questions for now, sorry ><

    Ice Safari:(PM to add FC)
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