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    Originally Posted by AngelicPikachu View Post
    @ Ramsie


    Good luck to you

    May I plz give this a try :)

    Name: AngelicPikachu
    Game: Y
    Freebie Type: Poison (yeah I like Poison Pokes)
    Thanks, Angelic! Your types are: Dark, Poison, Steel, Fairy, Water, and Normal.

    My team for this challenge is:
    1 Staraptor (Haven't used since Diamond!)
    2 Whismicott (One of my favs from Gen V)
    3 Ninetales (Haven't used in forever!)
    4 Delphox (Just used in X, but a favorite for a reason)
    5 Scolipede (Always liked when I raised on for the dex, but have never used ingame)
    6 Omanstar (Liked design, never used)

    As soon as I get Cottonee, Vulpix, and Omanyte in the bank, I'll get started!
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