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    @ Ramsie

    Glad you like, sorry about the double psychic :)

    1-Mightyena (omg yes, I haven't used in a long time)
    2-Arbok (Very nice indeed, finally get to use my old friend again)
    3-Lucario (gonna swap it out for Emboar) -Lucario was used in the Challeggs recently as one of my 6 team members link below
    4-Slurpluff (It's cute and haven't had a chance to run it yet so will be fun, will trade one off my x)
    5-Greninja (yay I get a Starter)
    6-Starptor (yeah, I like alot of flying types, I ran out of room on the flying tab xD)

    Link for Lucario usage recently:

    Lucairo was "Season of Giving Pokemon" recieved by LilJz

    Just a trainer who wants to be loved
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