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    Originally Posted by Twilight Sky View Post
    Well, this is 4chan, what do you expect? It's reasonable to be skeptical of them when it comes to something like this, though I do admit that the effort put into it was indeed amusing, it almost got me falling for it, sadly. @_@;

    That said though, speaking of gyms, I managed to think of an interesting topic: in what order would you like the gyms to appear by? For me, it's:
    1. Water
    2. Fire
    3. Grass
    4. Psychic
    5. Dark
    6. Rock
    7. Normal
    8. Dragon
    Probably cliche and overused to have Dragons as last gym, but the battles are always fun, so I don't mind. XD
    I want the gyms to be:
    1. Ground
    2. Poison
    3. Psychic
    4. Steel
    5. Dragon or Normal (as one of the gyms does seem to be normal)
    6. Fighting
    7. Bug
    8. Dark
    since as the PTW shows the types listed need some more gym leaders, especially compared to the overused water gym.
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