Super Pokemon Eevee Edition

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Thanks :D

wow, this game is awesome! I love the story and the other features; only a minor flaw: when you use a object the cursor remain on the enemy, and if you are using a healing object, in the fury of the battle, you can cure your enemy, so you can make in the next version that the cursor go automatically on your pokemon. Your save is also left in the 15th slot...

EDIT:the first battle wasn't so difficult...
Im not sure about the potion targeting issue- In all the years ive used rpgmaker, i didn't actually think it's possible, because you select the target when programming the item/attack. as either enemy or ally. Ive never managed to get an item programmed for allies to target an enemy and vice versa.

Can you recall what object was used, and how many people in the team etc.etc.

I left the save file in there incase people were too lazy to actually play it properly. they can get a 'feel' of the game.
-Yeah, the battle wasn't really difficult, but hard for an intro battle, because you can't train to get stronger at the start., plus theres no continues- it's a game over if you die. I suspected it could frustrate some people.

Im currently mapping out route 6/connecting caves. unowns, charmanders and Natus roam wild.

Im also making a new feature called home base. It's sorta like the secret base thing found in R/S. but more expanded. more on it once i finish implementing it.