Super Pokemon Eevee Edition

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Thanks for the comments guyz
About the issue, I re-checked and seems that is all ok...probably I didn't get very well what was happening.
I suspect you saw the enemy do a "Charge"- they do that when they run out of PP, it recovers some of their MP.


Ive completed route 6/connecting caves
heres some screenies. It's basically the ruins of alph from jotoh.

World is run by AI's ever since the creator left.

XDR- The Overseer of the AIs
M- Controller of Creation and Evolution (the one who contacts the hero)
Necro- Controller of Death
Vanish_21- Controller of Systems
XxLionheartxX- Controller of Enviroments
Cratos- Controller of Battle

Zero- The old controller of Creation and Evolution. Went missing just before Generation 1 was finished. It may or may not come up in the storyline :paranoid:

Anyway. AI's will act as bosses that you'll have to defeat. '
Unlike gym battles, you actually fight the AI. they have no pokemon, instead they pokemon attacks. They all have humanoid forms.
which slowly degrade to reveal their twisted forms.

Necro will be the first you are ment to defeat. excelling at Dark/Steel/Ghost

Basic Form

Hybrid Form

Fury Form

Pure Form

-In every city, you can buy a house. You can name this house. All instances of the house are the same, and interconnected. If you enter a house in city A, it would be the same house as city B. Also, by using the computer in the entrance, you can select your exit destination- The exit can be any house you've purchased.

-It also acts as a replacement for HM fly.

-When you buy your home base it will have 2 rooms. the entrance and your room.
But there will be lots of doors. By clicking on the door you can build the room.
Rooms you build will have a purpose.

-Later in the game you will obtain a spaceship that you use to travel between the ingame and AI worlds. Home Base will be fully intergrated into it.

if you build guest rooms, they will be rented out to generate income.
a kitchen can be built, which will make you free recovery items.
you can also build a pokemon center and pokemart. It can easily grow to the size of a mansion.


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