Super Pokemon Eevee Edition

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cool game I'm trying to download it but those links go to a MediaFire file that next to 30 min still says "Processing download reguest Oh and a question why is it in G/S/C there are new games with better sprite quallity
hmm. odd, heres a mirror link to rapidshare.

Graphics? various reasons.

They give me a nostalgic effect.
They're easier to work with.
They make the game stand out from the crowd
ts much easier to make custom graphics that look like they fit in properly.

I absolute love the Idea of the pure form to have similiaritis with old glitch!
Also the house is very good, and I like the screen with four unown...I laughed a lot, when i saw it.
thanks, the idea of the pure form just poped into my head in the last minute. I was using the M glitch sprite as the AI; M's actual sprite, so i needed to give a trait that all AI's have. so yeah. just loaded up the M sprite, rearranged it, modified the colours. and you have a pure form :D.

Im currently retrofitting in the rival guy. Putting him in events. He will have stolen all 3 jotoh starters. in the first battle you'll fight all three, but later he'll only use the starter that would be strong against the eevee form you're currently in.
flareon-> totodile
vaporeon -> chikarita
jolteon -> chikarita (thunder is not effective on grass :/ )
espeon ? (random, or croconaw, because he has Crunch)
umbreon ? random.
leafeon -> cyndaquil
glaceon -> cyndaquil

EDIT: text only updates are boring.
heres some 3rd gen sprites that I devamped a while ago.