Super Pokemon Eevee Edition

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Ah! bugs. my enemy. still in beta i guess :D

Works perfectly now.
The demo is really good. I so have to include that real time battle feature in my game. Nice game over screen too
Thanks, It's the RPGmaker 2003 default battle system. Finally speed actually matters. :D . I actually the autobattling feature, it's built in RM2k3, but i never took advantage of it before.

It works but when I walked on a route the game kinda crashed I wanted to pick a Poké ball it was in the woods near a house that's probably a bug and it made a bad sound that hurt my ears
Edit: Other bug in academy if you answer wrong your stuck
thanks, I've now fixed the questions glitch- It happened, because if you answered it wrong you were ment to move back, but I had it set to move the hero up, which would get him stuck, which would crash the game.

Im not sure about crashing on a route. which route was it?

On the matter of the runtime package, I get the error too, I googled itand found that is a bounch of file that you need for games to run: if you have installed RPGmaker2k3 you have them, but the others like me and you need to download them to makes the game run normally.
You could find them on the site of 2k3 but since it no longer exist I've downloaded them from another italian site: link you must click "RTP Rm2k3" to get the exe that install them on your computer. It worked for me.
The Runtime package is just a bunch of graphic and sound files that you can use for your game, but I mainly used custom graphics, and I copied the files to the game folder. So the game shouldn't have a need for the runtime.

But it's in the game's programming to search for the RTP. you can install the RTP, or you can do the flag=1 thing. which causes the game to bypass the search for RTP.

I'm currently doing the Event where you have to kill the first AI.

Ive been working on the elemental cards minigame. It's actually avalible in the current demo, but is only text based. I added graphics in to make it better.