Super Pokemon Eevee Edition

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The demo goes til you get cut/Chainsaw. -its found on the route 5 (south of the fishermen)

Update :D
Anyways finished the Necro Event.

For every AI you defeat you'll obtain a Tetra Element peice (used for changing eevee forms)
-Necro = Espeon
-XxlionheartxX = Umbreon
EDIT: XDR = Eeveeon
-Geosigma = Leafeon
-Vanish_21 = Glaceon

Story Update. Yays.


The creator created a world of pokemon.
He filled it with enviroments, pokemon and people(NPCs)
The creator then chose 5 people in the world, and promoted them to AIs. XxLionheartxX, Vanish_23, Geosigma, Necro and Zero.
Therese were dubbed Type 1 AIs.
The creator then created a new Master AI called XDR, a Type 2 AI.
This advanced type2 AI would be the overseer of all AIs. The "god of gods". The creator created him because he's planning on leaving the game, and needed to find a replacement.
The creator then left, sealing the game in a 4th wall. ensuring no rouge code would come in.
The creator was gone, the AIs managed different aspects of the world, while XDR was managing them.
All was well.
But this did not last long.... One fateful day, Zero's code went missing.
Zero was a fully powered AI, he could only be killed by a virus that only type2 AIs can make.

Zero controlled Pokemon. And with his absence oddities started appearing. rouge corrupted pokemon started appearing.
XDR needed to find a replacement quickly. So XDR used a portion of his code to create another AI. M. She shared XDR's code so she was also a type 2 AI.

Unknown to everyone, Zero didn't die. He detached himself from the AI mainframe. It was part of his plan.

Zero always wanted more power. He found his existance trivial. Even as an AI. He wanted more. The 4th wall was blocking him from escaping from the game world and entering reality. He new if he could leak out, he could become a super virus and cripple the world's network.

But only the creator could break the 4th wall.

So Zero detached himself. He knew powered AIs could only be defeated using a virus. But he also knew that XDR would create another AI to replace him. He would use some of this own code, temporarily removing him of his immunity.

Zero waited for his chance, and when XDR was finished making M, zero attacked and killed XDR.`Zero, being XDR's twin absorbed his master AI privileges successfully.

Zero's plan was simple. He would destroy the world. Players of the game would notice that the game doesn't work and report it to the creator. The creator would then need to break the 4th wall to rebuild the world, with the 4th wall open, Zero would leak out and become the super virus he intends to be.

But he couldn't destroy the game, as the other AIs still have the ability to override his decisions. So he made a ruse. The prospect of advancing to the third generation. It would require total destruction and reconstruction of the game. but Zero didn't disclose he wasn't going to reconstruct.

XDR wanted a new generation. He was tired of the simple graphics, he wanted full colour. So he proposed the advancement to Generation 3. New graphics, new pokemon and a whole new data structure. It would require total destruction and reconstruction of the game.
The other AIs wanted a new generation and quickly agreed.... except one.

M, being the controller of pokemon, and having advanced type 2 coding had grown attached to all the pokemon and NPCs she has created.

She had a plan. To stop the new generation, to destroy the AIs, using viruses.
Using her powers of creation; she creates a Super Eevee. She inserts 5 virises inside it.
Four Type 1 virises (for lionheart, vanish, geosigma and necro). Also, One Type 2 Viris for XDR.

Story Progression MASSIVE SPOILERS (And a bit outdated)

Act I (v0.1 - v1.0)
You (the hero) is born
Oak gives you an Eevee
Encounter an AI called M
M explains the new generation situation
M activates Eevees viris powers.
You kill Necro
Kill Lionheart
Kill Cratos
Kill Vanish
Fight "XDR".
Use the Type 2 viris.
It doesnt work."XDR" Reveals he is actually Zero. A type 1 AI. Type 2 viris wont work on him.
Zero says he killed XDR.
Zero reflects the viris on M.
M dies -obtain her AI chip.
Zero banishes you to the VOID.

Chapter 2 (40% of game)
Wake up in the void. A graveyard of code.
Obtain the Spaceship called Ragnarok.
Escape the void

contact Oak. You have no more viruses and no more type 2 AIs to make them. So you can't kill Zero.
then have a flashback showing that XDR didn't die. He detached himself from the AI mainframe. Zero assumed he was dead.
Red knows where XDR is.
Find red.
Find XDR
Fight Zero again
Zero finally kills XDR.
World gets destroiedm, but peices of it still remain.

Chapter 3 (20% of game)
-You are still alive.
Just before XDR died, he made the type2 AI and transfered it to your Eevee.
Final showdown.
The eve of the creators arrival.
Kill Zero
Creator restores the World to how it was before destruction.

---- Seems good, but I dont know if I should tie in the the pokemon leauge, maybe becomming champion and saving the world should exist sepratley.

Ill have the next version of the beta up in a couple of days. its a minor update- It's mainly to fix some of the glitches, and more importantly the Runtime error. so you wont have to manually edit the RPG_RT.ini

Im trying to wonder if this could get moved to the game showcase section. And if there would be much benefit.