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Posted April 20th, 2020
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Sorry man...I don't have some time to try your hack...but hover I like to give my opinion :)

The hack look like really interesting. There are many remake of GSC... especially here, in pokecommunity.
But however, this project is what has attracted more me for the simple fact that I belive that you have worked hardly to do this.
I'm sorry that your script of the ruins doesn't work well :(
I would like to know how you have done it in emerald...

well man...good luck with your project!!
I hope to see soon some news! ;)
Thanks for the comment!
For the Ruins of Alph puzzle, I ported Mastermind_X's version over to Emerald and changed the offsets of LASTRESULT. The puzzle works fine except for the colors, for some reason.
I like the idea of bringing back the Pokemon Communicatios Center. I'd play it if I can find a portable emulator. (PSP or DS lite)
Thanks for commenting. Too bad you can't play it, though. :(
Restarted and revamped.

Coming soon...