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Posted April 20th, 2020
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Let me fix up your lists first:
Things that I didn't like:
Sometimes the screen flashes (Palettes get brighter) when entering a gatehouse at night.
D/N system problem; ask ZodiacDaGreat, interdpth, and Mastermind_X to fix that.
The shrine at the forest doesn't look right because you can’t face it (It's like that in all the remakes)
What exactly do you mean by "you can't face it"?
The map is squeezed onto one page. It looks unprofessional
Well, it was either that, or having only one of the two. Which would you rather want? :/
There was no Fisherman music. I think it is supposed to sound like the Poke maniacs
The Fisherman music is a remix of the R/B/Y music, so I just used FR's version. I'll probably change that later. Sheesh, this is the first beta!
There are more of them but I forgot.

Things that I did like:
The pillar in the Sprout Tower is shaking. Really cool!
Complete scripts. Like when your rival bumps you it makes a sound and when someone leaves through the door it also make a sound.
The day and Night implementation.
The police officer doesn't ask me for Silver's name.
I tried, but failed to implement this. Maybe (maybe!) in another beta.
Actual Apricorns instead of renamed berries.
The maps were not 100% copies of the originals.
Well, the only places I did this were in places I had to do it in. Otherwise, I tried to get them as accurate as possible.
The radio.
Some custom sprites.

Also a bug that I found:
All the (step on a tile) events take place again during the night. Ex; I get to battle my rival at Cherrygrove City.
And finally... WHAT?!?!?!?
Please explain further, as I have no idea what you mean... They don't get reset at all.
Restarted and revamped.

Coming soon...