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(ends a bit after the third Gym)


Welcome to the Onwa Region, a region far away from Kanto and Johto. Onwa is the setting for Pok�mon Coral Version, a romhack that sets out to recreate the feeling of playing Pok�mon Gold, Silver, and Crystal for the first time. Journey through Onwa meeting interesting characters, earning the 8 Onwa League Badges, and working your way towards challenging the Onwa Pok�mon League.

Pok�mon Coral Version features a simple story akin to the first two generations of Pok�mon with many interesting characters and locations to see along the way. Things aren't completely what they seem, however. There has been talk of a group of ruffians abusing Pok�mon and using them in their money-making schemes. That can't be good news...

  • Entirely new region to explore with its own story to experience.
  • Pok�mon from all seven generations available to catch.
  • Choose from any of the six starters from the first two generations of Pok�mon.
  • Entirely new soundtrack featuring songs composed specifically for the game.
  • Physical/Special Split.
  • Added Fairy Type.
  • Moves from newer generations of Pok�mon.
  • Re-balanced movepools that are more inline with current generations.
  • Running shoes with unique running animation.
  • Change the color of the player sprite at anytime by visiting the wardrobe in your room.
  • Pok�mon no longer need to know HM moves to use them on the overworld. If you've obtained the HM, have the necessary badge, and the Pok�mon CAN learn it, they can use it!
  • Many more features to come in the future!



pret - pokecrystal disassembly
Quidomee - Graphics
SaxophoneofTime - Music
Rangi - Physical/Special Split
Chamber_ - Extension 255 icons/minis
FroggestSpirit - Running Shoes
Blue Emerald - Gen III & IV Devamp Sprites
COMBOY - Gen V Devamp Sprites
Jozzer26 - Additional Graphics
Chamber_ - Additional Graphics
Solo - Additional Graphics
Pok�mon Grape - Additional Graphics
JaceDeane - Additional Graphics
SirWhibbles - Additional Graphics

Special Thanks to /heg/ on /vp/.

If you see something created by you and you are uncredited, let me know and I'll add you to the list.

If I have used something of yours that you wish to have removed from the game, let me know and I will.

Old downloads: DOWNLOAD DEMO 1.2
(ends shortly after the first Gym)