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Hm, BGB still gives the checksum error.

Pokemon Crystal (UE).gbc md5sum: 9f2922b235a5eeb78d65594e82ef5dde
Patched coral-demo1.1.gbc md5sum: 64cb422f21b1297dde966cc184fc8456

Anyway, some graphical nitpicks:

The outdoor planks should be 2px higher to align with the tile grid.
• The ellipsis in gfx/misc/font_battle_extra.png gfx/battle/hp_exp_bar_border.1bpp is higher than the one in gfx/misc/font_extra.png. (You could also just move it and some other characters to the unused gfx/misc/font.png tiles, freeing up as many as 63 more tiles for maps.)
• tilesets/animation.asm:TileAnimationPalette cycles the water palette, which makes it sometimes look flat. Replace it with the no-op WaitTileAnimation?
• Rustling grass might look better with just green, no black; or maybe that's too subtle.
• If you haven't already searched through the code for comments like "buggy", "fix", "redundant", "unused", "stupid", "pointless", etc, then do so; many of the glitches have known one-line fixes.
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