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Thanks for the detailed list of bugs/glitches!
1: It's supposed to be that way, there is a limited amount of colors for the pokemon menu sprites
2: They're supposed to be there, since you should run into the Lapras event before you reach the rest of Tangelo Island.
3: In the anime the professor gets her lab coat thrown to her by one of her assistants when she jumps out of the water. That she's directly in full clothing is indeed a little weird. But I think it would be a lot of work for a small difference to make a entirely new overworld sprite (You're right though)
4: Will look into this problem, think it has something to do with the kind of trainerbattle I use for Tracey
5: You're totally right, small mistake from my side in the map connection.

You're also right about the simple dialogue trainers say after they're defeated, but it's difficult to come up with original dialogue for every NPC-.-

I'm not planning to change any of the flags/variables/maps I used to this point. So I guess your savefile would be compatible with future releases;) Be sure to always make your last save in a pokemon center.
1. Not sure about this..coz I was just playing another fr hack, and had an Ivysaur in that too..that's why the blue colouring caught my eye..usually it's got the green colouring with the red(I think) bulb colouring even for the menu sprite..strictly speaking it doesn't mattr much anyway������
2. They are, but if I accidently go into a house(or in my case the mart) before the event is completed they disperse. Shouldn't the 3 man wall be there throughout the event?
3. Oh ok..and you're's unnecessary work
The save file..course, that's standard procedure
Glad my response was of some use������ and keep up the good work!
Ps: Thanks for the prompt response

Edit:There's a wrong movement permission for the bush near the trainer just to the right of sunburst island town(I can step on it)