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Posted June 24th, 2018
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They should just be there untill you encounter Lapras on the beach, after that they're not necessary anymore. You're right about the movement permission, it's fixed now.

Just uploaded the new version which should have bugfixes for everything mentioned above;)
Yeah..guess it doesn't matter now since the new one will have it like how it's stated above
Oh ok..I'll check it out

Edit: Yeah...i checked it out and NOICE....those bugs are all squashed
One thing tho(sorry about this coz i found these out only during the 2nd run) wrong movement permissions(small stuff) while entering sunburst island and in pallet town.

A few doubts too:
1.For the crystal onix event, the event gets activated without speaking to the brother or the sister. The brother is no problem but the sister..well, if we talk to her after the event, shes pretty grateful and calls us by name, and so on..but the dialogue sounds weird without having spoken to her in the first place.
2. Is the crystal onix event an optional one? I could move on to the magi-karp event without finishing this one.