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I will likely join it at some point!

DUDE DAWN’S PACHIRISU WAS SUCH A JERK SOMETIMES LOL. And yeah, big fan of Gardevoir. As for trying out some of the anime, I’m up for it. Which ones would you recommend? I might just rewatch the Hoenn and Sinnoh ones, as I honestly don’t have clear memories of like...the storylines and such.
Then you might want to check out Black&White series + Emolga. Might feel deja vu with that one, although many people are not fans of that series for how hard the reboot is of Ash, Iris(honestly I find her game counterpart to be better) and Ash's Unova League result. Other series to consider are Kanto(just be aware he doesn't truly "earn" some of his Kanto Badges but the banter between Ash and Misty at times is priceless. Plus its Kanto or the series where it started), Johto(fans of Generation 2 will love this one, although it can be quite filler-ish with all the Pokemon of the day Episodes. Has two Team Rocket arcs with the Lake of Rage(Red Gyarados) and Silver(baby Lugia). Several minor characters from Kanto series return in Johto, including Ritchie for the Lugia arc. Sakura and her sisters do an amicable job showcasing the Kimono girls) and Kalos(XY Anime is a slow but steady climb to the XYZ climax. Pretty much every Gym Battle is worth watching and if you're into shipping, Amourshipping doesn't disappoint).

Btw, speaking of XY, some people love it simply due to Bonnie and her "gag" that gives vivid memories of Brock.