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"When the Pokemon League got wind of the decisions of those first few Joys and Jennys, the League contacted them with an idea. According to their research, the thing new Pokemon trainers needed most was familiarity. They were travelling to new places, completely on their own, often with no idea of what to expect. So the League asked all the nurses and police officers of the various cities in Kanto to take on the hair color, hairstyle, and uniform of the original Joy and Jenny as a mandatory dress code. Also, they asked if they could all be known while on the job simply as 'Nurse Joy' or 'Officer Jenny'. They thought that it would be nice for new trainers to have at least a little bit of familiarity, to know that no matter where they went, they could count on a Nurse Joy and an Officer Jenny being there when they needed help. The agreement was almost unanimous, and ever since then there have been a Nurse Joy and an Officer Jenny in each city in Kanto. The policy later extended to the Johto and Hoenn regions too."

"So you have two reasons for dedication to your job: to help out new trainers and to try to be like Joy Campbell," Brock concluded.

"That's right, but the most important reason, for me at least, is that I love Pokemon and want to help them as best I can," Nurse Joy said sincerely.

"That's great to hear, Nurse Joy," Ash said warmly. "By the way, you said the nurses and officers would be known *on the job* as Joy and Jenny right? Does that mean your real name's not Joy?"

In response, Nurse Joy grinned and extended her hand. "Hello Ash Ketchum, nice to meet you," she said as if meeting him for the first time. "My name is Christine King."

"Nice to meet you, Christine," Ash responded, and the four shook hands.