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The 1.912 update is made for players who wish to challenge the Battle Frontier with IV/EV trained Pokemon. Everything that was added is found within the building behind the Pokemon Center. Here's what's new:

New Stat Judge
The new stat judge will go through a selected Pokemon's IVs one-by-one before giving an overall assessment. He replaces the Legendary Breeder, who is now located inside the Day Care at Route 117.

EV Checker
The EV checker will go through a selcted Pokemon's EVs in the same manner as the new stat judge. Selecting "Info" on the EV Checker and Stat Judge's option boxes will give the player a brief rundown on EVs and IVs respectively (because why not?).

Hyper Trainer
Last but not least, the Hyper Trainer will train a selected Pokemon to perfect IVs at the cost of three Heart Scales. (Not intended to be a recreation of Gen 7's Hyper Trainer as I have not played any of the Gen 7 games)

It took--a lot--of scripting and debugging to get these three to function smoothly and efficiently, but it was well-worth it in the end. I have intended to add IV/EV checking and Hyper Training to the Battle Frontier quite some time now, and it feels amazing to finally have them completed. Enjoy!

EDIT: Pushed v1.912 with further improvements in dialogue and script execution


Hey! Just wanna ask if the newly updated version has higher difficulty.
Nope. The difficulty is more or less identical to v1.8

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