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A) Gotta have that legendary pokemon! I actually usually don't use my repels my first time in a dungeon because there could some cool Pokemon I don't have located there I might run into, so I will brave the encounters and maybe do some grinding or shiny hunting if every step triggers an encounter.

Anyway, I'm glad we are reviving this game. Here's another scenario.

Halloween is here in Unova and you are trying to figure out how to celebrate. There are a few different events going on.

A) Get out your fashion case, dress yourself and your Pokemon up in fun costumes and go trick-or-treating through Nuvema, down route 1 and Accumula town with your friends Bianca and Cheren and their Pokemon. A simple, classic choice!

B) Book tickets for you and your Pokemon to watch a musical in Nimbasa City. These are some of the following spooky shows that everybody is talking about, The Phantump of the Opera, Scyther Todd, Jekyll and Hoopa, and last but not least Harry Patrat and the Cursed Child. A fun, entertaining night on the town!

C) Go on a guided tour of Strange House near Reversal Mountain. A deeply informative, fascinating trip in an eeerie yet beautiful space. On your exploration through this landmark you will learn all about its rich history, reported hauntings, possessed furniture and various, eccentric owners throughout the centuries who met with grim fates. You will sup in the dining hall and hear Unova's ghost stories, including the legend of a ghost girl from Marvelous Bridge. You may meet some spirits, and there are lots of ghost Pokemon to catch! There's even a museum with books and replicas of the house for sale.

D) Join Elesa for a night of dancing in an exciting rave at her gym. There will be lots of famous actors and gorgeous fellow models on the runway, and she has restored the rollercoaster to gym so you can enjoy daredevil rides and scare yourself stiff on the top floor at her most extravagant party. A passionate, crazy night of walking on the wild side.

Name: Narcissus
Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage

I got Haxorus on "What Dragon-Type Pokemon are you?"