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Set in a post-apocalyptic pokemon universe, Westorn suffered the greatest. It was Westorn that developed the technology. It was Westorn who first harnessed nuclear power: for both our daily life and our violent propensities. One day, it went too far when Mt. Helene erupted and destroyed the Spot One Nuclear power facility, ruining Belmont town. Afterwards, political tension rose very high with Westorn's southern neighbor, Oregonia. When Team Proton's leader, Oppenheimer, took the country in its weakened state when he defeated the benevolent previous champion, Rutherford, Westorn did not quite fall in to a chaos, but the people want someone else. The war with Oregonia might be over but something might be brewing...

Pokemon Fission and Fusion Versions are set over a hundred years from now. Many pokemon species became extinct during the Pokewar or the Nuclear Winter that followed. They've hardened, survived and adapted. Some pokemon have remained the same, while others have new abilities, stats, evolution methods, or even types! See below to see what has been changed.

Basically to begin with you are a newbie trainer who just doesn't fit in with the run of the mill aspirational child. S/he always recieved bad grades for her creative thinking and thus had to spent a few extra years in trainer school. S/he certainly doesn't take answers and rules blindly and certainly when it comes to Pokemon. Rejecting the standard Bidoof that the Pokemon League hands out to trainers deemed "average" or "below average," a mysterious man named Tireo visiting Meadow Town gives him/her one of three starters for "advanced" trainers and tells him/her about something sinister happening within the Pokemon League....

Westorn is based on the American state of Washington. The other "Washington" (Fallout reference ;) )


  • A pokedex of 380 pokemon (~250 capturable pokemon in Beta 1.0, ~150 in Beta 0.1)
  • 34 pokemon that are mega-compatible, including new, mega eeveelutions. (Megas are programmed as of the upcoming release. The current release, Beta 0.1, will be different.)
  • approximately 100 fakemon, including a new eeveelution, Fermeon
  • A new Rotom Form who is part-Radioactive
  • A new type, the Radioactive type, click here for the updated type chart. Ice type receives several defensive boosts as well.
  • Radiation Sickness status condition
  • Adjustments to standard pokemon detailed here.
  • A new region to explore
  • 8 Underground Bosses to defeat including the Westorn Council (Elite 4), and its champion,
  • Oppenheimer
  • Brand-new abilities, and moves

Spoiler: Version Exclusives
  • Foongus (grass/poison)
  • Amoongus (grass/poison)
  • Swirlix
  • Slurpuff
  • Cottonee
  • Whimsicott
  • Vullaby
  • Mandibuzz
  • Karrablast * Not available in beta 1.0
  • Escavaleir * Not available in beta 1.0
  • Manchee * New Ice/Fighting Type based on a Yeti. Will not be available in beta 1.0
  • Mirtestrong * New Ice/Fighting Type based on a Yeti. Will not be available in beta 1.0
  • Shroomish
  • Breloom
  • Spritzee
  • Aromatisse
  • Petilil (grass/fairy in beta 1.0)
  • Lilligant (grass/fairy in beta 1.0)
  • Rufflet
  • Braviary
  • Shelmet * Not available in beta 1.0
  • Accelgor * Not available in beta 1.0
  • Wissper * New Ice/Poison Type based on a Cloud of Icy Gas. Will not be available in beta 1.0
  • Chillsore * New Ice/Poison Type based on a Cloude of Icy Gas. Will not be available in beta 1.0

Spoiler: Meta Changes
Type, Ability, BST, and Move Changes
  • Magcargo's BST was increased by 100pts, and receives a new trapping ability aimed at killing radioactive types! Still trashed by Ground and Water types, however! The new ability is called Porous Rock.
  • Emboar, Samurott, Magmortar, and Electivire have their base speeds upped by 20 points each
  • Added about 50 BST to Dunsparce's normal stats, gave it Dragon Dance, Outrage, and Draco Meteor as level 1 moves, only accessible via Move Relearner
  • Added Gluttony and Simple and removed Blaze to Emboar's default abilities; Reckless remains as HA
  • Added Sniper and Defiant and removed Torrent to Samurott's default abilities; Shell Armor remains as HA
  • Added Shed Skin and Competitive and removed Overgrow to Serperior's abilities; Contrary remains as HA
  • Seaking is now Part Poison type
  • Liligant and Petilil are now part Fairy type, have moves like Draining Kiss, Dazzling Gleam, and has 10 points added to its base Def and Sp. Def
  • Sandygast and Palossand now have an other possible ability: Drain Boost, and hidden Sand Veil, they also have a new BP 75, Radioactive type Signature move called Poisonous Drain. It will restore the user 1/2 hp of damage dealt.
  • Mega Tyranitar now receives Sand Rush
  • Beartic has about 50 BST added to its stats and still has the Slush Rush ability
  • Koffing is now (PSN/Radio)
  • Weezing is now (PSN/Radio)
  • Magmortar is now (Fire/Radio)
  • Torkoal is now (Fire/Radio)
  • Electivire is now (Electr/Radio)
  • Sandygast is now (Radio/Ground)
  • Palossand is now (Radio/Ground)
  • Electrode is now (Electr/Radio)
  • Voltorb is now (Electr/Radio)
  • Porygon Z is now (Normal/Radio)
  • Roggenrola is now (Rock/Radio)
  • Boldore is now (Rock/Radio)
  • Gigalith is now (Rock/Radio)
  • Vaporeon has Drizzle as a possible ability, scrapping Hydration
  • Glaceon has Snow Warning as a possible ability
  • Leafeon has Drought as a possible ability, scrapping Leaf Guard
  • Eevee receives Growth exclusively via move re-learner
  • Flareon Receives Agility via move re-learner
  • Jolteon now recieves Zap Cannon and Heat Wave via move re-learner
  • Glaceon receives Freeze-Dry via move relearner, Flash Cannon by TM
  • Leafeon, Braviary, Hawlucha, Aegislash and Staraptor all receive a new move called Gliding Strike. It acts like Sacred Sword. Is Flying type with 90 base power.
  • Leafeon will also receive a new, exclusive move called Sunburnt Blade
    Grass type

    90 BP 100 Acc 10-16 PP Physical

    Effect: User takes recoil damage equal to 1/4 of the damage caused. If Harsh Sunlight is in effect, the move becomes Fire type.
  • Espeon now receives Power Gem and Nasty Plot Via Move re-learner
  • Absol and its mega recieve a 10 BST increase in both def and sp.def.
Updated Evolution Methods
  • Magmar-> Magmortar: is now using a magmarizer
  • Electabuzz -> Electivire: is now using an electrizer
  • Eevee -> Sylveon: is now via Pixie Stone
  • Charjabug -> Vikavolt: level up at 32
  • Onix -> Steelix: is now using a Metal Coat on it
  • Slowpoke -> Slowking: is now level up using a King's Rock
  • Spritzee -> Aromatisse: is now using Satchet on it
  • Swirlix -> Slurpuff: is now using Whipped Dream on it
  • Haunter -> Gengar: is now level up knowing Shadow Ball
  • Karrablast -> Escavaleir is now level up @ 30 in the Rain
  • Shelmet -> Accelgor is now level up @ 30 in the Rain
  • Scyther -> Scizor is now using a Metal Coat
  • Boldore -> Gigalith is now level up at 36
  • Graveler -> Golem is now level up at 36
  • Porygon -> Porygon2 is now using Upgrade on it
  • Porygon2 -> Porygyon Z is now using Dubious Disc on it
  • Machoke -> Machamp is now level up at 36
  • Alolan Vulpix -> Alolan Ninetales is now via Pixie Stone
New Mega Evolutions
  • Dunsparce -mevo-> (with a 200 BST increase) Recieves a Dragon/Flying Mevo with Delta Stream (because who doesn't love memes), and a few more moves to go along with its newfound typing
  • PZ is now normal/radioactive type - mevo-> radio type w/ Radiate (essentially the radioactive type pixilate)
  • Flareon (now has Drought) -mevo-> Sheer Force
  • Glaceon (now has the Snow Warning ability) -mevo-> Slush Rush
  • Vaporeon (now has the Drizzle ability) -mevo-> Swift Swim
  • Leafeon (now has Drought) -mevo-> Chlorophyll
  • Granbull -mevo-> Fairy/Ground (will work on making it... better)
  • Umbreon -mevo-> Early Bird
  • All eeveelutions ca now mega evolve!
  • Scrapping mega Spiritomb!
  • Gliscor -mevo-> Tough Claws


The three starters to the Westorn region! According to a recent demand the Westorn Council only hand them out to the students who recieve an "Advanced" on their PLEETS (Pokemon League Exit Examination for the Tranier School). For those who receive "average" will receive a Bidoof and for those who receive a "below average" will stay another year.

Sounds draconian, right? Yeah. Ever since the new Champion Oppenheimer has taken hold of the Pokemon League, he had instituted policies that have become increasing bureaucratic and utterly dreadful. Before Oppenheimer, all trainers were allowed to choose from the three. This will certainly affect your game. However, even you do score average, even the best trainers can overcome wherever standardized testing place you. In fact others who recognize your potential might be willing to invest in your success by giving you one of the three starters anyway...



Beta 0.1 - Over 2 thousand downloads!

Beta 1.0 - Coming soon!

Spoiler: Beta 1.0 Changes
[x]Trainers now appear in Seabreeze city after the fight with Tireo, Koffong is an extremely rare (1%) find in the Meadow Town Underground. (Koffing is now part radioactive type). You can also find Zubat and Rattata, along with your standard Fortidog encounter.
[x]New, custom title song made by myself and from old, public use military recordings
[x]Removed the Klein Studios BW Evo Scene script; it gummed up and caused a crash. Evolution works as normal.
[x] All changes made here:
[x]Added in all relevant Gen 7 moves and abilities. Mostly updated the game to gen 7 mechanics! Let me know if I missed anything. Z-Moves and Z-rings are reserved for a future beta.
[x] Overhauled and rewritten the pokemon database
[x] There are now over 100 possible tms... I went overboard. They replace MTs as they don't exist in Westorn.
[x]TMs are made reusable.
[x] Overhauled and rewritten the pokedex, and simplified it to one, singular dex (it was split into three like in XY, but now it isn't a thing)
[x] Removed the Elite Battle System by Luka S.J. et. al.
[x] Graphically overhauled the interfaces to look like a Pipboy.
[x] Radioactive sickness is a condition that is fully programmed. When having it, your pokemon's sp.att is halved and makes similar chip damage like burn at the end of the turn.
[x] Rotom Geiger Counter is programmed, but not yet implemented.
[x] Radioactive tiles and RadPills are programmed AND IMPLEMENTED!!!!!!
[x] Updated the Load Screen Graphics
[x] Added Routes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 26, 27, Belmont Town, The poisoned Grotto, the Tri-City, Barren Desert, Southpoint City, Mt. Helene and its caves, outiside of Yucca Mountain, Oasis, Oppenheimer's Home, Lost Ruins, Mt. Spear Pass, Bushfire Town, and the Uranium Mine.
[x] Max badge count as of the end of the beta: 4, up from 2
[x]Nuclear Disaster Cleaning facility and Spot One disaster zone will be added in a future Beta. Mt Helene Caves, Yucca Mountain Facility, Uranium Cleaning Facility, Lost Ruins, and the Uranium Mine will all be fully developed in a future beta.
[x]Seasparkle Town is no longer accessible pre-badge one. However, I have made a sea route connecting it to Seabreeze City. No need to worry as the routes can naturally lead you back. The area is completely optional.
[x]Rescaled the difficulty of the initial fight vs Tireo. You'll have the opportunity to catch Anispoto a Dragonfly pokemon that has Powder Snow and Twister, and Fortidog a normal+steel prairie dog.
[x]After the fight after Tireo, the thugs in Seabreeze will have a bone to pick with you. You can heal your pokemon in Meadow Town. Click the pokeball near Prof. Chestnut.
[x] Fixed the starter pokemon quiz to make it super easy. (You need to get 9 or more questions wrong to receive a Bidoof).
[x] Rescaled the rival battles in the beginning
[x] Fixed a zillion typos and map glitches
[x] Day/Evening/Night Mechanic works properly on every outdoor map.
[x]Made adjustments to my tileset! Less white static overall! Gonna be so pretty~
[x]Deedee and its line, Fletchling and its line are no longer version-exlusive
[x]Vivillon line was removed from the game, and thus the Butterfree line is no longer version-exclusive
[x]Adjusted and defined all available fakemon for captures' movesets, abilities, and stats. They'll still have weird weights/heights, ev yields, base xp yields, and pokedex descriptions. Rest assured they will be defined in a future beta.
[x]Follower pokemon are still programmed, but removing the event trigger for now until I can get overworld sprites for fakemon.


Made with:
  • RPG Maker XP - Pokemon Essentials v15
  • GIMP (Alas, I am too poor for photoshop)
  • Paint
Dev Team: Myself! Juliorain!

Spoiler: General Credits
  • Pokemon Company -- Pokemon is a registered trademark of the Pokemon Company International
  • Pokemon Essentials V15
  • RowdyHD, djangie
  • many more for help on coding radioactive tiles by mej71, maruno

Spoiler: Tileset Credits
  • UltimoSpriter
  • Kyle-Dove
  • darkdarkrai
  • shiney570

Spoiler: Sprite Credits
  • pocketmonster98
  • pokecomminuty gen 6 and 7 sprite database,
  • ORAS icons by pikachumazzinga
  • Essentials BW Pack V3 from Pokecommunity​
  • Icon sprites used on this forum can be found with's pokedex. (used with permission)
  • Underground Bosses Stella and Maia based off photos taken by Random Acts Stock [they have some NSFW stock photos. I haven't used used any NSFW content in mine]
  • Survivor Trainer sprites based off stock photos take by Anyman82

Spoiler: Interfaces and Scripts Credits
  • Mega Eeveelution Stats, abilities and movesets: Orithan
  • BW Load and Pause Screens by shiney570
  • More self switches by game_guy,
  • Animated Title Screens, New Animated Bitmap Wrappers, G6 Titles by Luka SJ,
  • EBS by Luka S.J., pinkcatdragon, tebited15, ei, lilatraube, maruno, badsamaritan,
  • Pokemon Essentials SM Update 2.0 by Zeak6464, TapuFini, SpartaLazor, leparagon, M3rein,
  • BlackOutG5, Rune, Rigbycwts, Rot8er_ConeX, James Davy, Luka S.J.
  • Shields Down, Soul Heart by Wolf
  • BW Gender Select, Gen 5 Evolution Scene by KleinStudios,
  • Pokemon Followers by zingzags, Rayd12smitty,, venom12, mej71

Spoiler: Music Credits
  • Seeburg Music Library Vol. 1,
  • Seeburg Music Library: Happy Music Moments,
  • Ultra Lounge Vol.7 - The Crime Scene, Crime Jazz - Music in the First Degree,
  • Crime Jazz - Music in the Second Degree,
  • Crime Jazz Definitive Collection


Completed thread request for raichu. Do not use or duplicate without permission from thread owner and me.

Welcome! Here we shall gather and nerd out about personality type systems, theories and tests. We can also share our experiences and struggles with being a certain type or relations with other (and similar) types.

If you know of a system that isn't listed here, let me know and I might add it! (but honestly, let's keep astrology out of this, ok)

CSS credit to Trev.
Personality Type Systems
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, "MBTI"

This is perhaps the one theory that is grounded somewhat in science. 16 different categories that can help you understand why you do the things you do, and why others don't :)

Basic Info
Deeper Research
Approximate Test

Hogwarts Sorting Hat

We all love belonging to a house from Harry Potter, don't we? This is more based on what you value and wish to be, than what you might actually be.

Gryffindor: Brave, Loyal
Ravenclaw: Quick-witted, knowledgeable
Hufflepuff: Fair, hard-working
Slytherin: Ambitious, opportunistic

Pottermore Test

Dungeons and Dragons Alignment

Your D&D alignment is determined on a scale of lawful-neutral-chaotic and good-neutral-evil.

Alignment Test + Explanations
Club Sign-Up Form
State why you're interested in personality type theory, and list all kinds of personality types you know you are! If you don't currently know any, I recommend taking the 16personalities test (MBTI) now~
Current Club Members
Raichu - ENFP // Gryffindor // True Neutral // Pius
VisionofMilotic - INFP // Ravenclaw // Lawful/Neutral good
Trev - ENFP // Slytherin // Chaotic Neutral
voltaic pair: aaron rpdr club css shop