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    Originally Posted by gogojjtech View Post
    Pokefreake: Maybe a hex editor?

    Master Warlord: The forme changes are stored within the Pokemon's PID, so just changing abilities will do NADA. In Pokemon Dark Rising, Spinda was overwritten with Tynamos, and the Tynamos had spots just like old Spinda. Changing an Unown would mean changing all of the formes to look like the normal one. Castform are based off of ability, so yeah, go ahead. But you could make use of it, like have 4 different Pokemon based on the same one? I don't know, get creative with it. All of the sprite changes can be accomplished through Advanced Series.

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    I got permission from Darthatron to open source the code for the animated titlescreen. I will post a link here after I post it.


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