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    Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
    No, wrong. Just do what you want to do. This project is slow enough as it is without being restricted by a self-elected leader claiming, "Let's do all Grass moves first!".

    Of course, it's likely that what people will want to do are the easy animations. Don't make it a rule, though.
    There are no rules here, only suggestions to make the project a little more organized. But I have to contradict my own suggestion just to get this thing started. Here is the first upload for new animations that I whipped up sometime last week. I have an idea on how contributions could be made. I suggest that this file that I have uploaded be placed on the wiki as the "master file". From It contains three folders - Data, Graphics, Audio. The data folder includes the latest Pokémon Essentials animation file with our animations added in. I have started at 90 on the animation file that goes in the data folder and included five animations to get us started. Not the best, but they are a start. Any person that wants to add to this folder can edit the animation file, then copy back to the file along with their graphics and audio files in their respective folders, then they must upload that back onto the wiki. You will find a READ ME txt document in the archive that has a change log section in it. It is recommended that whoever adds any animation to this folder, to update this change log. I have included more details in the read me file.

    Here is the file with my contributions:
    Please add this to the wiki.

    I'll include a change log in my post in this thread to let others know what I did:

    Crush Claw
    Fake Out
    Fury Swipes
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