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Originally Posted by I like Pokemon (...) View Post
Again, a very slow chapter this week.

Ah, so Chad asks Ginjou what we all want to know... I have a feeling that he'll either have a massive monolouge, or we'll cut back to Chad being surprised and saying "...So that's it!"

It's an interesting ability. I'm guessing that as a Fullbringer, she can't fly or anything, which makes her Fullbring very useful outisde. Inside, it depends, I guess. If it's some kind of dungeon, then it could be useful, but not somewhere kept cleaner.

I found it funny that she got so mad XD

And then, smug Ichigo. The bastard.

So Bringer light is something that most, if not all Fullbringers should be affected by, I'm assuming from the way she described it. Do we know if Chad did anything like that?

It's pretty obvioius, from the black light, the fact that he did something new, and that two chapters ago, it was said that his Fullbring would undergo another transformation, that something is happening with his Fullbring. It's probably changing shape, or charging a very powerful attack, or draining Ichigo's reiatsu suddenly, all sorts of things.

Does MC have a Battle Data Chart? Most people put it in their Squad pages, but he doesn't have one, so...? I'll ignore it for now, but if he does, someone link it please.

Alright, with Squads, Squad 2 is the ninja squad in the anime, but I'm not sure how it is in here. Likewise, I'm not sure if Squad 10 has any special abilities. So they're neutral on that.

Their zanpakutou... MC's is very powerful, with the massive focus on heat and fire, while Min's focuses largely on making Kidou more powerful, though she also uses a lot of fiery based Hadou. It's a tough choice, but I'm leaning towards MC.
Grr. I am lucky I am patient, or else the suspense of Tsukishima's Earth controlling powers would be killing me. >__<

I hope it's a monologue...I hope it's a monologue...I hope it;s a monologue...

Let's hope she doesn't have to fight in a sterile environment...her only hope then would be something like spitting on her shoes or something. -__-

I like how Ichigo finished Jackie's sentence. XD I wish I had the opportunity to do that to somebody...XD it just me...or did Rasencero say Graceful, not minchan? Anyways, I see MC and Graceful, so that's what I am voting on:

MC: Lots and lots of fire...
Graceful: Lots of Ice and some illusions...

Fire beats ice in my book, so MC wins there. Plus, Graceful's illusion requires the opponent to become very emotional; if MC activates his final bankai, he shouldn't feel emotional at all, shattering the illusion, so he wins there as well.

Sorry Graceful, but I think MC has the advantage, so I vote for Merciless Cremator(which I just realized, your name and Zanpakuto match completely. :0 Mind=blown.)