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    LOL Well ILP even if you can't read, I'm glad you bothered to read my updates. XD

    And LOL Pokemon battle chart influences. XD

    Umm the reason I specifically decided to post RIGHT NOW is to say that after watching today's episode of Bleach on TV I must say that even though I've read the chapter and watched the episode before, I still can never believe how creepy Mayuri is. I mean come on. That whole ability to make the enemy superhuman and suffer for like 100 years. That's really cruel. XD And uhh I just think it's really really weird that he replaced his organs and stuff... I'm sorry for ranting randomly. But I wanted to say it somewhere and hey, any other place either A, takes too long to load, *cough*sppf*cough* or B, is flooded with people who have no idea what I'm talking about. XD

    Oh and I'm voting for MC to win~ Uhh I DID read the infos more or less. Just... I'm too lazy to actually write out my reasoning. But I have reasoning, I assure you. LOL

    Okay I'll shut up now. XD

    oh before I go...

    Did anyone else realize that we have zero people in squad 8? LOL