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    "OMG" Indeed. XD
    I do not think that his powers have returned just yet. Why, you ask? Well, It does seems to be a shinigami's uniform, but a few things don't match up:
    1. His soul hasn't left his body (as far a I can tell).
    2. The uniform seems to be moving like its made of reiatsu.
    3. Also, I don't see zangetsu (unless its still forming).
    I think that his furbling has evolved (obviously) and has simply expanded to cover his whole body. Since his fullbring seems to be related tot his shinigami powers, which he isn't supposed to have as a human, I think that his fullbring is the ability to use shinigami powers as a human.

    It seems Sado was thinking the same as us. lol
    And it seems we were all wrong. XD
    Unless more is coming.

    It is possible that Inoue's powers have evolved in someway that the events were caused by some sort automatic activation of those power.
    One way or the other, something is going on that is still lurking in the shadows. Currently we are just being occupied by Ichigo and making him useful for what is to come.

    Awesomeness awaits!