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Originally Posted by I like Pokemon (...) View Post
Exactly why I can't let that happen!
Why do I suddenly feel the urge to go MWAHAHAHAHA...? XD

Originally Posted by minchan View Post
Not sure how busy I'll be in the next couple days so I'll say it now:
I'm going to Florida on Monday and coming back the following Monday. No internet, but I might get on sometimes at the mall or library or something.
Just to alert you to next week's inactivity.
Alright...have fun in Florida! (If you even get on in time to see this. XD)

Originally Posted by Kyoto View Post
Hai, I am new and would love to join! Soi Fon is one of my favorites! :D


Zanpakuto Name; Yuki
Type; Hakuda, Electric
Zanpakuto Spirit; Click here.

Zanpakuto Personality; She is oblivious to the world. She is lazy and doesn't care for fighting. She likes to argue with me though.

Release Command; Zap, Yuki!
Shikai Details; Shikai gives a huge boost to speed and strength. My speed is permanent through out Shikai, but power slowly decreases throughout the fight. It's appearance changes to two metal gloves that electrocute the opponent when punched.

Anything Else;I mainly fight with Hakuda, but will fight with my sword when forced to. My lower face is covered with a mask, similar to Kakashi from Naruto. I have long brown hair and green eyes. My Zanpakuto is on my back, similar to Sui Fon, but angled up. I am slightly taller than Sui Fon. I love to sing!

Hello Kyoto! I am Pikapal642, Captain of the Ninth Division. Unfortunately, you have forgotten to include a certain something in you introduction post. Go back and look at the rules in the first post of this club and see if you can find what you missed. ;)