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Originally Posted by shomoher View Post
Does anyone know the locations of Raikou, Entei and Suicune?
I went to Wesley's website and apparently they are in random locations... I was wondering if anyone would give me hints on it xD
Suicune:Look for areas near water in lauren
Raikou:I useually find him in the mountains near the first gym in lauren where it rains.
Entei:A place like flamerny forest or that volcano thing xD
Originally Posted by lukasz_pro View Post
guys where i can get or catch this pokemon ? , he must be in game coz hes last form exist in game ;D
and why pokedex shows me location of Gible in this cave in dragonbreath city ? theres no pokes in this cave :(
For Deino, you can get him through an event or in victory road I think,and the gible thing is a glitch.

Originally Posted by Spartoi View Post
OMG?....I've already done a search through the thread and said that it didn't work multiple times already as Ms. Sophia is nowhere to be seen. But You've Got The Audacity TO SAY OMG WHEN I'M FREAKING STUCK BECAUSE OF THIS STUPID GLITCH AND NOW I HAVE TO START ALL ******* OVER? BUT YET YOU FEEL THE NEED TO SAY OMG LIKE YOUR ENTITLED TO IT?!
Okay buddy,calm down, just tell us your problem in a way for us to understand,like what events did you do and where exactly did you look for the gym leader or whoever she is xD

I'm getting tired of answering most of these questions from everyone,can you all (as in everyone) do me a favor and look at a walkthrough or use the search button before I really get mad?
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