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    @Vato: they can understand English, but yes so that they can read Greek.

    @heretostay123: If you could expand a little on your personality, how exactly does he treat others? How does he feel on his godly parent.

    also in your history you have to mention how you found out who your parent is, and what your life has been like at camp. Your character has to have been going to camp half blood for at least 5 years, after all if your being chosen for this task you can't have just found out your a demigod.

    @-Sam: for the Demigods powers it's based of the mythology yes, the Parents Pokemon Types were decided by me, some of which according to their powers others I just randomly assigned. The parent Pokemon Type only affects your characters Pokemon Link.

    Also just to clarify, the Pokemon Links are one with your character, they both share the same soul, are born at the same time, feel the same pain, and will die at the same time.

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