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This looks great so far, and from the looks of it, the Team Rocket centered hack that I specifically wanted. Don't get me wrong, I loved Apollo and Hunters of the Ancient but from this I generate a Toxic Purple vibe, and I really loved the taste we got from Toxic Purple, which was the hack that made me join PokeCommunity and learn how to hack. Seeing that Toxic Purple was the inspiration for this hack, I know this is gonna be a great, for my tastes at least. I'll play the beta later and hopefully get another reply here soon!
Thank you! The Toxic Purple vibe is absolutely what I'm going for, and it is what got me into ROM hacking as well: I swear, I kept checking ckret2's profile on a semi-regular basis for about four years straight, just on the off chance that she might come back (spoiler: she didn't). I guess we could think of this hack as just a natural consequence of me eventually getting fed up with waiting for Toxic Purple updates.