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Hello there, just finished playing through your hack. Twice. It's awesome.

The reason I played it a second time was to beat Red. And guess what? I did. It didn't even take me that long either, about an hour or so.

Here's how I did it.
Step 1: collect the poliwag from the old man near Saffron City.
Step 2: get the star piece from inside Mt. Moon.
Step 3: Capture a pidgey, growlithe, and oddish from east of Celadon City. There, the pokemon are around level 20, and with a little luck (or save states) you can get one without too much trouble.
Step 4: get the pokemon to evolve. I had poliwag clear Mt. Moon, then about half an hour of grinding later, all my pokemon evolved.
Step 5: sell everything and get those stones
Step 6: mop the floor with Ash.

So, my word of advice is to alter the pokemon near Celadon City so no one else gets to exploit this awesome feature of your game... or leave it and let people get hilariously OP. If you need any further proof of my accomplishment, Ash had a butterfree, charmeleon, pidgeotto, nidorino, pikachu, and a mankey, and he gave me 24,480 dollars after he was defeated (which was awesome, by the way). Also, it started a lengthy dialogue where you first said it shouldn't be possible for me to beat ash, accused me of hacking, then asked me to go along with the story where I got my clock cleaned.

It was loads of fun breaking the game. I look forward to the next beta! I hope it's compatible with the old save state, cause, y'know, I've got a nearly fully evolved team and 20k burning a hole in my pocket :)
You did a lot to beat red. I was able to beat him with 1 pokemon i.e. jolteon (of course using save states XD).
Huh-hey. Well done, guys.

The wild Pokémon around Route 7 being very high-leveled is nothing more than a design oversight on my part: I remember making a note to myself to adjust them but seem to have ended up forgetting. At least it made for a hilarious little loophole.

To elaborate, beating Red is just a cute little easter egg that has no actual bearings on the rest of the game. Doing so is meant to be highly unlikely, while still remaining theoretically possible for players wishing an extra challenge. His ridiculously large prize money is indeed intentional-- as a reward of sorts for the grind required to beat him.

Since you ask, it does seem very likely, as things stand right now, that save files from this version will be usable with Beta v2, so you can savor your well-earned prizes for now.