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This is fine.
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Yay for uni delaying stuff! Let's reply to comments and try the next update, y/y?
Originally Posted by Froslass_Maniac View Post
I really lol'd when osie used his attack. xD
And the grammar kinda confuses me at sometimes.
Osie is surprisingly terrifying. =( And telefang english helping littles.
Originally Posted by Misheard Whisper View Post
Wow, you weren't kidding about the curry, huh?
I was laughing out loud most of the way through this, especially the recent parts. Engrish such as this offends me more than most, so I found it hilarious. I think the best part was the, ah . . . 'Glutinous millet bun'. My reaction was most similar to yours on that point.
I imagine it was. XD Glad it made you laugh!
Originally Posted by adamant57 View Post
Ah, glorious memories of playing this confusion-inducing game rushing back into my mind. How I cried tears of joy after beating this game. I really get a good laugh reading your LP. Keep it up :)
Thanks - I hope this'll give you more in the way of laughs and confused nostalgia. =p

Part Nine: Off to Alice!
Or a lack of good judgement and more questionable NPCs.


So last time we were told to keep going. I guess we should tell that guy we got the key back. And definitely not mention those revolvers.

What discussions? And I solved those problems! Keep with the times...whatever you are!

Who is 'he'? Typical NPCs making little sense.

Is it a ticket out of this place?

Reform card?

I guess they are like P-cards...?

Bek somehow knows (despite never having been here before) that these cards are the way to evolve stuff. Uh.... And yet he doesn't want to take them although that's not necessarily a bad idea...

'Don't let your conscious get to you - these magic cards are so cool! And shiny!'

Bek is showing a surprising lack of morals here.

Yes, they should. With something better. >:[ All we got for beating up a whole group of politicians as thanks were two cards.

I don't know what this way is, but I sure like the sound of that!

Meanwhile Not-Sandslash levelled up, yay. Not half-bad for this stage of the game tbh. Anyways, let's get out of here and to the next place. I want some food.

I guess it worked? But...why is the tree in a building anyway? True story - in my first ever playthrough I was terribly confused on where to go because of this fact - I made the mistake of looking for a tree like everyone said I should do. Key lesson - never trust anyone here!

As a beside, you may notice the screenshot is darker - Telefang has a day-night system! Not half-bad in fact.



The Miss...?

Cue image of a person stuck in a finger ring shouting for help. God damn bears! But apparently the answer is A...

Yes, such thoughts never occurred to myself either, tbh...

Hey, is that a ufo in the sky?

This is how switching your 'main e-monster' works. They get abducted by aliens and fly off only to be replaced by...wait a second...

GODDAMNIT I guess there's no getting around it - he wants his BOMB. =( And now we have a card that evolves stuff...

...Are you sure you want to evolve, stalker owl?


...wait, what?

After all that bugging it only gives you some experience. Sure, it sounds like he got a lot...then you look at the number at the top there and see that it gave him 24, possibly less if this one took part in any battles. =/ Enough to go up one level, but although some items do evolve creatures, this one did not.

This is stupid let's just go to Alice already.

It's so hip and happening!

Excitement! Where's the shops so we can eat some fish?

Okay sheesh.

Maybe they don't like fish?

Hmm, no shop or sea here...

What a nice welcome! Maybe you're one of the sane ones who didn't drop out of english classes?

Yay! I think!

This Frankenstein's Monster lookalike fellow however...

Hey there!

Now, see, this guy's sentence makes more or less enough sense thus far...

Followed Vigina...? Trees live where? In the sea? Um.

What a boring house. =( Where's that shop!?

Well is there a food shop?

Yay, a town with no shop. Oh well, let's talk to random people! Might as well be friendly and all that jazz!

Well hi! =D


I dislike this place.

And you're plain unhelpful. Way to state the obvious and what we've already been told!

Oh joy, another phone call.

Firstly, he refers to MUSA as a presbyter. If you don't know what that is:
Originally Posted by Wikipedia
Presbyter in the New Testament refers to a leader in local Christian congregations, then a synonym of episkopos (which has now come to mean bishop).
Secondly...MUSA wants a propeller?


He heard fishing a lot!

Why is that?

His rambling may seem silly and whingy, but I assure you he's not kidding about that part.


Well if they looked at you, Mr. Frakenstein's Monster, I don't blame them. No offense. wanted to eat them? Good grief.

Whatever you say, talking house.

'Are good one, my friend just this one.' Powerful wording!

Maybe you also wanted to eat him? See, fish I'll eat, but electric monsters...yeah, no.

Oh hey a friend of Bek's apparently!

What kind of a name is Wunan, firstly? And Bek sure got friends all right - all by telling Not-Sandslash to beat them to a pulp until they gave us their phone number.

Oh no Bek get out of there he wants your card! Anyone calling you cool has a secret ulterior motive!


That's rather rude. =(

"This [sea hole] was very historic! So much that nobody has ever seen it."

Nah, it's not like they live there or anything!

That's enough Alice Town people let's try going east a bit.

=o They have Police here!? Let's tell them about MUSA.

Wow, uh... Actually I don't think they'd be of much help. The brains in our heads should also be take good care of!

Inside the house someone tells us that they protect the woods and that it is their headquarters. Yay. -_-

...Good to know?

Cool, let's go check it out-

It's a pink Octorok?

A friendly one!

Hurrah for type advantages in our favour.

And now we have this thing's phone number. As long as he doesn't ask for bombs I guess?

Originally Posted by Wikipedia
Cupula also describes a structure surrounding hair cell receptors sensitive to hydrodynamic flow in fish.

I would, but your text boxes are blocking my view of it. =( I bet he hid treasure there! Spill the beans!

You suck.

I suppose we can try to swim there? Let's go to the beach!

Hey, we can't enter the water! This sucks. Maybe this guy sitting here can help us?

No, that's just Bek. He's a random kid, not a man! Funny that he only noticed us when we talked to him.

See? Bek's no man, he's trying to run away-wait.

Nowhere to escape? But you just came from above...uh.

Will our hero be eaten by the e-monster from the sea? Will Bek manage to get past that invisible wall and escape from the thing that looks like a lamp from behind? WILL ANY FISH EVER GET CONSUMED!?

Find out in the next update!