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Originally Posted by ChaosJester083 View Post
I don't know I understood any of the new development in the plot at all but I want to play this game. I don't know why though but I do think it is because I really want to play game boy games recently. Anyways this was a great part but the first music file didn't work
I was a young child when I was trying to understand it myself. XD

And odd about that, seeing it's the same coding as the one in the previous update. =/ But now it works after replacing it with the exact same thing!

Also have another update.

Part Fourteen: Entering The Desert!
Or discovering that birds and snakes don't like each other.


So last time we won the competition and Netaro finally stopped talking to us. Let's get out of this unfortunately-named 'city'. Or M-City.

...And we begin with someone (maybe Bek?) shouting about what. Damn it! I hate whats. >:[

Maybe it was this bird though.

No Bek you said What. =(

Well... given snakes are known to eat birds (and vice versa in cases) is this surprising?

Bek derps a herp.

One - I like how he ignores the question.
Two - oh god. 'start a new life in Virgina'.

Engrish, how you amaze me.

Uh, bye then? I guess he can't wait.

[Is it?]

And then he leaves after the Farewell Jump.

At least it's clear what you should do here, but first we'll explore this little stretch.
Head into the ocean for instance, and...

...We find ourselves by Bamu sea! Or well, outside its barriers. Let's check that map now that we have filled it in a bit...

So M-city is to the west of the sea and Alice, while Tulunk and Kelina is on the left side of the map. Teleporting trees, how do they work.

...How exciting? =/ There's nothing in the water at any rate.

Yay, Palan is near already.

Okay...? Maybe that's why this guy is standing outside of it then.

But first a slight detour to a house I recall.

Or well, cave-house. At any rate idk why it's here but I suppose it is worth showing.

Why is that, random NPC?

Too much...? And because of that he put [something] here. Uh, okay.

Why is this important.

And that's all you find out from here. This always confused me.

Oh not you.

I never said that. =/

Anyways I also discovered some different e-monsters in this area I didn't know were here before.

Like this guy! If you want awkward designs, look no further than HERIOPS. Unfortunately i didn't get his number in that instance.

I got bird-head's number though!

So in other words it pecks stuff.

Other creatures included some ones we have also seen before:


And after a while:

...A bottle in its shoulder? Uh.

And during that all:


I could switch to BAZERI and make the game very easy (except in sections with necessary grinding) but I'll be sticking with Not-Sandslash.

Oh look, a welcoming committee!

Are you blind? =|

Bird, there's a snake right next to you, you know. =/

(The bird family)

...They really don't like each other. =/

At least this fellow has an okay grasp of English, isn't rude or blind.

Different town music! It's alright I suppose.

However this seems to be the bird's side of town. It also has a shop!

You never know when you need to clean up that sand in the desert.

It's a desert - what are you going to chop down, cacti? =/

Blah blah generic card item in most stores.

You know, for a world reliant on phones it's a bit odd this is the first time we've seen on being sold...

Look at that, and then realise he's saying the leader of the birds lives north of here. =/

I hope he knows better English than you.

I'm somewhat sceptical of that.

Just their fangs, right? -_-


I would have never guessed!


Snakes are beautiful to you? Also, Bird Snake?

I suppose he meant 'lived'.

Or maybe not? Idk but I guess he was the one who 'said' it. =/

Hello to you too. Why do birds also need to jump?

Yes, you sure are a bird brain.

Bek doesn't like my jokes. =(

Blah Blah Bek then proceeds to repeat what Gangbanao said.

Yeah, we kinda figured that out for ourselves...

...That's a good question!


So basically they're having a big war and nobody remembers why.


Bek also thinks this is stupid.



Everyone loves making Bek do stuff for them.

Silly Bek.

But at least we get something from it? I hope it's better than the last prize. =/

Let's see what everyone else thinks of our plans.

I consider you as [The speaker of engrish].

Then you can sit in a tree and the snakes could drink all the water! =D


Well you're a stick in the mud. =(

Nobody else in this town is on any interest either.

Uh... screw you.

Oh look, snakes! Time to begin Operation FRIENDSHIP!

...In the next update!