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    Name: Kat Tachikawa
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Kat is a generally withdrawn individual. She is stuck up, and often irritated by others, especially when she doesn't know them well enough. She has a tendency to talk down to others, though she isn't a mean person by nature. On the contrary, she is actually a very kind individual, even though she does think of herself as royalty. People find out that her heart is made of pure gold once they get to know her.
    History: Kat grew up in Goldenrod city, which most likely accounts for why she feels she is a "higher-up." She had had contact with all sorts of Pokemon, often running as fast as her little legs could carry her to the Pokemon daycare, where she would help the old owners tend to the trainers' Pokemon. She would often watch Ash Ketchum's televised battles, her eyes glazed over as she took in every fluid movement of every Pokemon he used as his opponents fell one by one. In order to earn the extra money she needed, she became a model. It would suffice until she started winning battles...and got a Pokemon, of course. As soon as Pokemon Virtual went online, she became a member, wanting anything and everything to do with Pokemon. Hearing of Professor Willow, she set off to Kanto to recieve her first Pokemon.
    Starter: Meowth (#52)
    Other: None, except I do plan to have her warm up to people, so she's not going to be mean forever. :]
    RPG Sample: [This is from some RPG a year or so ago..I keep it on file in case an RPG requires a sample.]
    Doll...everyone thought of her as nothing more than a doll...Her skin was perfect, like porcelain, her eyes like radiant pools of water, a deep blue hue. Her long blonde hair reached her back, the strands reminiscent of silk. She came from a prestigious family, wealthy for hundreds of years. None of them would ever have to work again. Her mother had often told her that her "great, great grandfather was a world-renowned Pokemon trainer." Pokemon. She loved Pokemon. She was given a Pokemon at birth. A young Meowth. The finest of the litter. The small feline had since grown into a sleek, refined Persian, but she loved it all the same. Day by day, she sat by her bedroom window, corset sinched tightly across her delicate waist. She would stare out the window, longing to be outside, playing with the Oddish that garnished the acres of her land. But that's not what ladies do, is it? No...that isn't what ladies do. Ladies weren't even referred to by name. They were "miss" if they were still young, unmarried, and "mistress" if they had been wed. name is Marcella... She dreamed of one thing, and one thing only. More than anything, she wanted to be a Pokemon trainer.

    I'm slightly stuck-up and aesthetics-obsessed, so it's highly unlikely you'll see me use anything but shiny Pokemon.
    Deal with it. :]