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    Originally Posted by c1234321 View Post
    Holy frackle. I couldnt come up with a real word to describe everything that I just read, so I had to make one up. And it still does horribly at trying to describe what I just read.

    Let me start with Ashley. Nothing could have prepared me for discovering Ashley was Deoxys. Thats what he was, right? Ever-changing in form, unkillable because it reforms instantly, a green-ish blue face with a vertical slit on it that could represent a mouth? Also the hand that kept changing into two tentacles, like Deoxys normal forme's sprite does in this generation's game. Also, the spikes for legs. If he isnt Deoxys, then I have no clue what he is. My only questions for that, however are: isnt Deoxys supposed to be an alien Pokemon, symbolizing humanity's hope for life on another planet by creating an alien of the same species of life in the Pokemon world? And if thats true, it doesnt exactly make sense that Giratina gave birth to it on this world. Meh, maybe Im nitpicking. It still makes for great story-reading.
    I'm not done with Ashley yet. He likes to think he's the son of Izh, and so does Giratina, but that's not to say that that is what he necessarily is.

    Originally Posted by c1234321 View Post
    Next, Pearl. First, let me say I was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off on what I thought Pearl and Ashley were. I thought Ashley was associated with Dialga, and hes Deoxys. I thought Pearl was associated with Palkia, and she is a psychic. Though, in retrospect, it makes a lot of sense that Pearl was a psychic. And it makes for a really cool plot turn because it makes Pearl awesome while also making her relatively normal in comparison to her companions. Its cool.
    I was quite pleased when I thought of it. I wanted a power that would still make Pearl fairly useless most of the time, but also capable of extraordinary things if I needed her to do them - and psychic powers fit the bill exactly. It tallied nicely with a desire to explore what the hell was up with all there being so many psychic people in Pokémon games.

    Originally Posted by c1234321 View Post
    Now, the Gheist. So thats what the Desk Sitter was. Huh. And the man in black, Belath, and Liza/Ronwe. Now I knew Liza was a Spiritomb, but does that mean that for every soul that creates a Spiritomb, the Spiritomb can divide into other Spiritomb? And does this mean that Liza and Ronwe were the same person, pre- and post- Darkling Town? Or is Ronwe the name given to the Spiritomb Liza formed? AUGH so many questions.....
    Uh, Ronwe isn't a Spiritomb in her own right - she's one of the spirits that make up Spiritomb. Their Pokédex entry says that they're formed of 108 separate spirits; one of these is, in this story, a rather nasty tenth-century Kantan Princess named Ronwe. More on her a couple of chapters later, after the chaos.

    Originally Posted by c1234321 View Post
    Distortion World, next. If there is no time in there, doesnt that mean that Pearl and Cynthia are equally as likely to come out at the same time they went in as they are to return millions of years in the past or future? Or is the fact that Giratina is guiding them making it so that they return just as they left? I love time paradoxes :). And I think that might qualify as a paradox...
    Well, they definitely didn't come back out at the same time as they went in, owing to the fact that after they'd entered, Spiritomb was still free. How long they're in there remains to be seen.

    Originally Posted by c1234321 View Post
    Now, Iago. Where is he? AND WHY ISNT HE DEAD YET? Is that what TTMG2DTW cast is going to do? Because they havent shown up yet either......and I feel like they would do something more important than showing up at the end saying, "Oops, sorry we missed it?" Or are they going to rescue Stephanie from wherever the heck she is?
    Kester and friends are coming along soon, and as for Iago... he has his own plan, and doesn't give a damn about the Galactics or the League. We haven't seen the last of him, but when we do, it will clear up what I think is the final mystery of the story.

    Originally Posted by c1234321 View Post
    Speaking of Stephanie, WHAT THE nvkenhjwlcvjwdklnvewvidwjvklefwiohvnjsadbnckjbdsinhjcvkjdbvjfbhvidnh,jcbs djk????????? She has absolutely no relevance at all to what is happening unless she suddenly is formed out of Giratina or is part of the Gheist. Or was sent by the League to prevent Pearl from discovering she was psychic for some reason....which doesnt make complete sense. I swear to God if shes Giratina, Im sending you a virus. Hah not reallly. Thatd be mean. But seriously, Id go into rage-based cardiac arrest. Apart from all that, I really really really want to know what relevance, if any, Stephanie had to any of what has happened.
    Beleth must have had his reasons. Unfortunately, whether or not anyone will ever get the chance to ask him about them is uncertain. We're just going to have to wait and see.

    Originally Posted by c1234321 View Post
    Thats all I care to talk about for these chapters. If there were grammar mistakes, I didnt see them. Fantastic story with a fantastic climax. Keep writing. Youre really good at it.
    Thank you, but it's not over yet. Keep reading for the thrilling conclusion.

    Originally Posted by teamVASIMR View Post
    OK so i was wrong.


    Princess Ronwe will save the world.

    (I thought at Spear Pillar she would finally remember who she is, and upon realizing that the restructuring of reality would render her position redundant, reject it and rebel against Cyrus at the last minute.)
    Ah, I see. You're not totally right, but you're not totally wrong either.


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