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    I have a problem with my scripts. I am using advanced map, PKSV and FSF. When I compile a script onto my ROM in advanced map the text is fine in the game. After a few uses of the ROM on VBA the text either stops showing up or has strange symbols after my piece of text.
    So, I went back on to advanced map and opened the script. Sometimes a new thing appears at the top of my script saying 0xFF or something similar (can't remeber exactly) or numbers for symbols in the game at the end of my script. I have no idea why they are there, how they got there or how to get rid of them. Deleting and then saving does not work as after a few times on the rom it comes back. ARGGGHHHHHH!

    Please can someone help me and explain what is going wrong ^-^
    Why is ROM scripting so complicated??

    Please have a look: