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    Hello,I never hacked a pokemon game before,and I want to start,but I don't want to create a new pokemon game I just want to create some new features for my pokemon emerald game,I need a program for this(I don't know what works,and doesn't works)so I will be very happy if someone will give me a program for this...
    anyway I have some questions:
    1.How do I added a new place for the game(not taking an old place and completley change it,just an entrance for a new map nd the map itself.
    2.How do I added a new trainers for the game and changing their sprite and pokemon?
    3.How can I added new 4th generation pokemons(I heard you can added up to 25 pokemons without deleting an exciting,example putting dialga without deleting onix...)?
    4.Can I added some new special battle places like the battle frontier?