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    Originally Posted by 1158 View Post
    as for Latios(Only avaliable for male player)and Latias(Only avaliable for female player),you can find one of them in the deph of Halfleaf Cave,but first,I suggest you to download the newest Version 1.82,because there's some bugs which can make Latios/Latias event doesn't work.
    With that said then I guess I should report that I ran into a level 30 Latias in Ancient Meadow in version 1.7 don't know if it was a bug, glitch or complete luck seeing as I'm playing as a male. I didn't think to attempt to catch it at the time seeing as it fled after one attach.

    Also I have Secret Key, Basement Key and Card Key. I was thinking it was the Secret Key I needed but can't figure out where to use it since the description says "The key to Cinnabar Island Gym's entrance" I was thinking possibly the locked gym in Bronze Port, but I was wrong.
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