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    So, if nobody else is going to try to help out Emerald hackers, I guess I'll do my bit. Just don't be mad if I get literally everything wrong, because I haven't got a ****ing clue what I'm doing - I'm just blindly stumbling around, trying to search for the non-pointer byte patterns from this tutorial. I'd appreciate it if Chaos Rush would put this stuff in the OP, so other people don't have to guess at this stuff, but...

    14 WW 16 03 61 76 11 08 05 04 00 XX 00 YY ZZ 00 FF FF
    The fragment of hex used in Emerald for background movement (the pointer is different). All the background IDs are still accurate. Haven't tested, but I presume replacing 16 with 17 has the same effect as in Fire Red.

    As a side note, because I couldn't for the life of me find any information for this, the pointer for the second animation for Sky Attack is 2CD28E in Emerald. Still no idea where Skull Bash is.
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