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    Ch. 23

    Latias became aware of a scream of pain that was so loud, it made her flinch. It lasted only a few seconds, and then it disappeared, but in its place a wave of air and dust blew from the battle in all directions. It was so strong, that in her weak state, Latias would have been tossed about 20meters, if the spirit of Rayquaza hadn't been there. She nailed the spirits' side with such a force though that it knocked the wind out of her. A moment of silence followed the air wave. Following that was a loud cry of victory followed by another silence. This one was different than the first, it was a crest fallen silence. The sad silence lasted for about two minutes, and then a flash of light, one Latias recognized as when Andrew changed forms, yet much brighter than she had seen before. When the light died down, another cry of victory rose high into the air.

    <We have won.> Rayquaza said. The spirit looked down at Latias. <Andrew was hurt badly, but he is alive. Only my form was harmed. His other bodies are fine, but something else happened to him.> Latias relaxed a little.

    <What did happen to him then?> Latias questioned.

    <I don't know, but it affected all his forms, and is permanent…> Rayquaza said. He slowly began to fade.

    <What's happening to you?> Latias asked worriedly. The spirit was now almost invisible, and Latias could tell he was not just becoming invisible.

    <I must return to the spirit world now. Tell Andrew I said goodbye.> with that, the spirit disappeared. Latias looked around for a minute, expecting him to reappear again, but she knew that he was truly gone. She tried again to fly, but she barely made it two feet off the ground, and she quickly collapsed again. She grunted in pain, and struggled to get up again, but once more her efforts were fruitless.

    Latias finally started to feel the effects of blood loss, and she began to feel dizzy. She strained to get a better look at her back, where the javelin had pierced her, but even with her long neck, she couldn't see. She suddenly began to think that she didn't want to see the wound. She remembered that the javelins were on fire, and was pretty sure that the wound would be black, burnt, and gushing blood. Even though she couldn't see the physical effects of the wound, she could see enough. She looked at the ground around her, and saw that she was lying in a large pool of her own blood.

    Latias was just wondering about Latios, since Rayquaza had only told her about Andrew, when both her brother and Andrew walked into what used to be the large tent. Andrew was leaning on Latios, who didn't seem hurt to badly, other than a large cut on his wing, with one arm around his shoulder as they came in. Andrew let go of Latios and looked at his two friends. He went over to Latias, who still could only move her head, and knelt by her side, trying to bandage the wound.

    "Today is the last day of spring; the Darkness will no longer be able to attack us until the autumn." Latios could have sworn he heard a sigh of relief in the boys' voice.

    Latias, who had temporarily forgotten what Rayquaza had said to her, remembered when she looked up into Andrew eyes. <Rayquaza told me to tell that he said goodbye…> the dragon said in almost a whisper. Andrew just smiled to himself, and finished bandaging the wound. As Latias stared into his eyes a while longer, she noticed something different. <Your eyes…> she muttered.

    "Yes, what about them?" Andrew seemed worried for a moment.

    <they're… purple!> she said. Andrew turned around and looked at Latios, who confirmed what his little sister had said. Andrew then looked as if he remembered something.

    "When I was struck by that blast of dark energy, I remember my Rayquaza forms skin turning black… I wonder…" Andrew mused and turned into multiple other pokemon. Each was a different color than normal, like Sandslash had blood-red spikes on its back rather than red, and Houndoom had blue fur as opposed to its sleek black coat. Andrew transformed into one last pokemon: Kyogre, only to discover that he was purple, the same shade as his eyes. "I can't tell if this is extremely humiliating, or if I'm artificially unique." Andrew said as he turned back into his human form. "I mean, purple?! Truly? That's disgraceful. I'm a Kyogre for Mews' sake! What kind of color is purple for a Kyogre?" Andrew knew he looked silly by the way Latios and Latias looked as if they were only barely suppressing their laughs when they saw what his real body looked like. The two dragons finally couldn't hold it anymore and burst out laughing.

    <I would have thought that the so called 'evil' would turn you into something more frightening than another color! Like a pile of bone or something!> Latios finally managed to say in between his laughter.

    "It's not funny!" Andrew shouted, but couldn't help himself, and he started laughing too.

    Latias suddenly doubled over in pain from her wounds and stopped laughing. She gave a soft cry as the pain seared through her body.

    Andrew and Latios immediately stopped laughing and went to the red dragons' side. <I'm fine.> Latias managed to say, and after he pain had subsided, with Andrew and Latias watching, she tried to get up, and to her surprise, she managed to keep herself aloft.

    "Well, you healed quickly." Andrew commented.

    <Healed?> Latias exclaimed, shocked that Andrew would say she was healed, even though her wound was still bleeding profusely, the bandage was already almost soaked through.

    "You believed that?" Andrew asked, in a tone of mild amusement.

    <We're willing to believe or listen to anything you say…> Latios answered for his sister.

    "That kind of scares me. Would you listen to me if I told you to jump in volcano?" the dragons looked at each other for as moment.

    <If it was inactive, then sure, but one filled boiling lava, not so much.> Latias said after a minute. Andrew, satisfied helped Latias to the main section of the camp, where everybody else had gathered. Luni and Jogun walked over to Andrews' side and stood, still as stone, next to their friend and general.

    King Aimone began walking through the crowd of soldiers, and the parted before their liege. "Will you be staying here in Kanto, or will you be leaving?" was the first thing the man said to Andrew.

    Andrew, startled by the sudden question, had to think. After about a minute of silence, Andrew answered: "I will be leaving in a week." King Aimone looked a bit sad, but nodded. "We need time to rest and I must talk to those that were in my army."
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    Late that night, Andrew slept in true peace for the first time in a long time. He knew that peace, something that he had not experienced in a while, had finally come upon him. His dream that night was one that he had had what seemed like forever ago: it was the dream about having peace, but this time, he knew it was real. Although he knew he would never truly see Rayquaza or Typhlosion again, he was happy, and grinned to himself. Summer had arrived, and The Evil would no longer be a threat for a long while.

    Ch. 24

    The week passed quite quickly, and Andrew was almost sad to leave Kanto. A few days earlier, he had talked to the men of his original army, telling them that they would have to stay here in the city, or go live some where else, some of them protested, and wanted to come, but Andrew persuaded all of them to stay here or live in the forest, or some where else.

    He was leaving the city, with Latios, Latias, and Luni. Umbreon had been killed in the battle, and Luni had refused to eat, or talk for two days, but snapped out of it when she was told they were leaving.

    King Aimone, Arye, Semon, and most of the citizens and soldiers of the city waved the group off. As Andrew and his small group walked into the forest, they were jumped by Aalina. Andrew out of reflex, instantly had Cunamio at her throat. When he realized who it was, Andrew sheathed the blade.

    "What are you doing here?" Andrew asked more annoyed than concerned.

    "I want to come with you." She stated a bit nervously. She was clearly, very shocked by having a sword at her neck. Andrew sighed.

    "No, you aren't coming. Does your father even know you're here?' Andrew said, sounding quite annoyed.

    "Well, um…" Aalina stammered, "That's beside the point, I really would like to go with you. Please?"

    "No, don't ask again. Now go back to the city." Andrew said a hint of anger in his voice now.


    "NO!" and Andrew walked past her, thinking that she would probably follow him no matter what he said unless he threatened her.

    After walking about ten meters Andrew glanced back, to see Aalina walking slowly towards the city, her head hanging low. Andrew didn't stop moving.

    <It's for the best.> Latios said.

    "I know that, why do you think I told her to leave? She was kind of scaring me too." Andrew almost laughed.

    <How so?> Luni asked as she waddled along.

    "Every where I went, she was there too. In the castle, I would always see her out of the corner of my eye and when I turned, she would hide behind a pillar, or a suit of armor."

    <She would have slowed us down any ways.> Luni commented.

    <Speaking of which, where are we headed?> Latias, who had been silent since they were jumped by Aalina, asked.

    Andrew turned towards her. "I don't know about any of you, but I am going back home. Back to Hoenn."

    {End of Dragons Spring}
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