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    Originally Posted by hackstar View Post
    Why did you made Brendan a gym leader?It should have been Rival.
    Brendan's character contrasts too much with Hugh's character. Brendan plays a significant role anyway, so it doesn't really matter.

    Originally Posted by OliveCopper View Post
    Sorry, but whatever happened to the new pokedex? I would like you to reupload it please.
    I lost it, but Ill work on a new one soon.

    Originally Posted by Michielleus View Post
    In Hoenn white, brendan replaced Cheren. Since this is the sequel, Brendan will still replace Cheren. From the screenshots it seems like Hugh is still the rival. (why not Wally?)

    Anyway, great hack again KD! Keep it up!
    I like Hugh as a rival so I kept him. Wally may replace N instead.
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