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    Thanks, guys. Have been spriting for nearly 4 years now. So, it's taken me a long while to where I'm at. =P Before that, I've been drawing since I was like 5 or so. XD

    Anyways, added Miltank (my fav Poke atm) to the bottom of the first post. Showing off his regular, shiny, Deoxy's infected, and Shadow colors. =P

    Originally Posted by Daeva Okami-Luca View Post

    Can I praise your talent now or later?

    May I borrow the Tyranitar If i give credit?
    Um.. Can praise me now. XD You know you can use it already. =P

    Originally Posted by Went View Post
    .Batzarro. and KajiVenator, if you want to talk about retributions and other things unrelated to the sprites you are showing, please do it in PM's D: It's kinda offtopic.

    Ah, sorry about that. Will keep that type of stuff off this thread.

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