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    Myrrh,I will be using Heart Gold because Rock Smash is a necessity in this run.I've decided that I will record but if Youtube annoys me like my last recorded run (Not Uploading/Uploading out of order/taking 24 hours to upload one video) I will stop.I'm asl gonna be creative and Nickname my pokes after some of you guys (Sydian,Mondays,560Cool.,Myrrhman and Myself of course xD) Who you guys will be named after I will not say,because unlike Black and White this will not be spoiled >:D

    Also Myrrh we have to test some stuff like does Trading/Pokethlon heal because if they do we must ban it or unless its necessary like Trade evo's or Obtaining Evolution Items. I'm pretty motivated to do this because I personaly like recording and this can be a good base for when I do a recorded Playthrough of Black I will get some idea to do so.

    (Also who will make the thread,If I do you can be co-owner.And if you do could I be Co-Owner?)