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    Bri sighed and clutched the rails on the boat. Duster grinned and patted his back with a smile.

    "Don't worry Bri! We'll be there soon!" she said with a grin. Bri nodded at his Minccino, though right now he was turning slightly green. He was getting a little seasick, but the island was in sight. Soon he would be with all of his friends again. He sighed, remembering what had made him leave. Somehow, his mother found out about the dangerous things that he had been involved in, such as he and his friends being attacked in the forest, or getting hurt in the Abandoned Lugia dorm. Still, there was no place he would rather be right now. Except off of this boat! A crash came from behind him, and the eleven year old turned around. Thyme was glaring at Sprinkles, who was being held back by Drizzle.

    "What did you say!?" Sprinkles growled. He pulled against Drizzle, who chuckled. Thyme regarded Sprinkles with an annoyed look.

    "I said you weren't ever going to be able to beat me. And you won't!" she said firmly, her arms crossing over her chest. Bri walked toward the scuffle, limping a little, but otherwise unhindered.

    "Guys, come on... We don't want to be fighting each other..." he said quietly, crossing his arms over his chest. Thyme scowled and climbed up to his shoulder.

    "Tell that to him!" she said boredly. Sprinkles growled and Drizzle set him down. He smirked and winked at Bri, who shrugged.

    "So, what are you going to do when we get back!?" Duster exclaimed happily, her tail twitching as she grinned up at Brian.

    "I don't know... Maybe go hang out with Skye or Mark... Or find Nova. I wish I hadn't had to leave him, but I had no choice... I just hope he's ok..." Bri said. That was one of the things that got him so urgent about comiong back. Nova had been out training with no way to find him. So Bri had been forced to leave. He and his mother had gotten into a bit of an arguement, and at Thyme's urging, he set off on his own as a trainer, something that anyone over the age of ten is allowed to do. Without a way to get back, as his parents weren't going to help, he turned to the one thing he loathed. He began to battle the trainers around Slateport City until he had enough money to buy himself a boat ticket to Oak Island. The boat pulled up to the docks, and he strode quickly until he reached dry land again.

    "Oh thank goodness! I thought I was going to die!" Bri said as Sprinkles and Drizzle followed him and Duster.

    "Buff! Play!" Bouncy said, peeking her head out of his bag. Frost was still in his pokeball, not wanting to come out. though he never said anything, Bri thought that maybe the Sneasel did not like the ocean. And as for Leena...

    "Mwehehee!" she cried out, floating through a wall. a loud siren occured on the boat, and Leena laughed again.

    "Leena, what did you do now?" Thyme said, scowling at the Misdreavus. But Leena wasn't answering her questions. Bri shrugged and began walking toward his dorm to get his room set up again. He could find his friends later.


    On a cliff on the side of a mountain, a young growlithe and even younger vulpix were being circled by a pack of Hondour.

    "This is our turf! Get you and that scrawny excuse for a beta out of here, or else!" the lead Houndour barked. the growlithe smiled and shook his head, growling at all three houndour with a tone that would make most grown men freeze. Vulpix was also growling as the three Houndour circled them.

    "Yeah, no." Nova said, smirking as he watched the pokemon.

    "Some pack you've got there!" one of them barked, and Vulpix took a step forward.

    "Leave it. It's not worth the effort." Nova said. the lead Houndour was fed up with waiting and lunged at Nova, who leapt to the side and clamped his flaming jaws on the dog's leg, lifting it up and forcing the leader to the ground. With a snarl, the other two attacked, dashing forward. Vulpix slid away with his Quick Attack, and Nova dova into the earth with Dig. He was loving these new moves of his. He'd have to thank Rama's human again later.
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