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Valorie Ryder

Valorie just sort of stood there for a moment looking somewhat frustrated. She was being asked to throw a punch again. She honestly just wasn't good at it, and she knew it. It stemmed partially from unwillingness. One can't punch their fullest until they're mentally willing to accept the consequences of such a deadly blow hitting their target, and when the target is another person serious moral walls are raised.

....And that is why the bad guys always win fistfights and why the police don't engage in them, kids! ;o

To keep it simple though, Valorie was not the kind of person who could be asked to physically and directly hurt someone, making her more or less incompetent when combined with her lack of practice.

Making a fist, she looked vaguely at Ruby and just sort of found herself ... torn. A part of her found that she couldn't do it. She had difficulty accepting that this was 'practice'. Her entire expression was one of frustration and discomfort. Despite this after a moment Valorie threw a punch at Ruby. It was lacking in strength or overall speed, making it weak and rather telegraphed very much like the punch she had thrown at the teacher.

Olivia Wolf

Olivia was surverying the vast possibilities of the island when a familiar voice distracted her from her thoughts. When she turned her head it was impressive to see her hair, y'know, /move/. It was just so /long/ it was perhaps difficult to imagine being real.

Regardless, she turned her head and smiled lightly at Kenshin, proceeding to turn all the way towards him and close the small distance between them.

"Hey Kenshin! I was just about to head out and explore~ Were you heading out too? I hope you brought lots of potions or berries."

She said the last part in a rather matter-o-fact, sagelike manner.


And then the metal clasp on Takumi's eraser went missing. Elizabeth turned the pokeball around in her hand, looking at it for herself for a brief moment before turning it back around and holding it up to the class, ball wide open for them to observe. The ball's insides were familiarly hollow, but the technology was significantly more primitive and unique than the mass-produced pokeballs trainers used in the modern day. When she spoke, her words still came a bit sluggishly, as usual.

"--...You can see that t-the ball is different on the insides too... Pokeballs like this one--um...they can catch Pokemon without weakening them first."

She of course was trying to give perspective on how much more effective the ball was at it's job. Perhaps it had something to do with the locking mechanism? Perhaps it was also one of the balls fabled to have mystical powers. She mentioned nothing of mystical powers however. Rather, she moved to one of the students sitting up in front of the class and hesitantly handed the boy the still opened ball.

"E-everyone should get a chance to see it up close."

Meanwhile, Elizabeth's meowth did not seem particularly concerned regarding what was going on. This was a pokemon with a very high understanding of the human language, so he more or less understood what was going on perfectly. Rather, he chose to find himself an empty desk to hop up on and curled up for a nap.


Hilda nodded slowly to herself.

"Alright, well, we're about to get going. Just let me grab this and--.."

She moved to grab a bag that had been resting behind what appeared to have been the standard teacher's desk in a room. It appeared to be full of something not overly heavy.

"Alright! Now we're headed off. Don't let anyone get lost."

A hint of seriousness entered her tone, but it was clear they were ready to begin. Thus, Hilda would proceed to lead the group out of the school, and assuming no hilarious dramatics occurred on the walk they would arrive near the border of what would be called the swamplands before long. They hadn't quite gotten into them, but surrounding area showed signs of being a bit marshy at this point. (That's called a timeskip, and it's meant to help move things along in the absence of my competence. ><) At this point Hilda, who'd taken to riding casually on Darmanitan's back, looks behind her and began to speak.

"This is it guys. If you don't have your boots or aren't riding a pokemon, you should change that now. This is the last chance..."

Her gaze shifted back to the swamplands, eyeing the landscape with mild distrust. Not that the landscape deserved any less.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over space-time~
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