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Alexis’ ears twitched slightly and she glanced up as the teacher had said something, and the kids were now starting to pack up and get ready to head out. She looked up at Len who was approaching her, turning around and offering her a ride.

She snickered softly, not taking long to think about it. “Well, if it’ll help you to get some exercise, sure!” she said cheerfully before lowering down and jumping up, resting her paws on his paw to grab onto his slick skin, her feet resting on his hands as she peeked out over his head, looking down at him slightly worriedly. “Do tell me if I get too heavy, and I’ll jump down, okay?”

Daniel looked up as Hilda began speaking again and then quickly got to working on packing everything up. He fumbled with his pens and the eraser before managing to pack everything up into his pack and stood up. To his relief, he’d seen that Mark was waiting for him, which caused him to smile a faint bit.

“Heh, I’ll try to remind you! You’re headed up in the mountains later? How come?” he asked, his brows raised, noticing the purple Pokémon jump onto his shoulder and waving at him, grinning all the while. Daniel smiled a little uncertainly and lifted a hand to wave back before grasping the straps of his pack and headed out along with Mark and the others, following Mark’s tempo rather than Hilda’s.
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