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Alexis wasn't kidding when she said she was clingy! She was holding on surprisingly tight onto Len! Of course, Len wasn't running at full speed. He was mostly jogging after all. Though Alexis quickly challenged him to go faster. Len let go of Alexis' feet for a moment and adjusted them so they were under his arms so that she would hang on in a piggyback kind of fashion. It'd give him a bit more freedom when running. Len held onto Alexis' feet once more and started to move faster.

"Your asking for it! Hang on!" Len said happily as he started to go faster. He wasn't going top speed but this was much faster then before. He looked up at Alexis seeing that she was enjoying the ride!

Mark couldn't help but laugh alongside Daniel when seeing how close Len and Alexis were getting. Len was starting to speed up as well! At this rate they would end up at the swamp before they would...

"Yeah! Len seems to like Alexis alot! Something tells me they'll be hanging out alot... I haven't seen Len this happy in awhile." Mark said, watching the duo run by the group happily.

"I mostly think a ground type would help since two of my pokemon are weak to electricity. May as well have something to counter that. Though, Len already has a move that can handle elecrict types, it never hurts to have a 6th team member. Dunno what I'd want though..." Mark continued.

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