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    Bri smiled as a class filed out of the school. He thought he spotted Mark, and definitely spotted Len, but he couldn't just run over and interupt the class to say hi to his friend, could he? And besides, he had to get these bags to his room.

    "Hey, isn't that Mark?" Thyme said from his shoulder. Bri nodded.

    "Yeah. You can go say hello if you want, but I kind of have to wait." Bri said with a grin, knowing how much Thyme had missed Snype. She nodded, and tried to act indifferent, but he knew better.

    "Maybe i will..." she said before jumping down to the ground and setting off after the class.

    "Be careful!" Bri called out quickly. Sprinkles walked over to him.

    "Humph! Good riddance!" he said, causing Bri to frown. He bent down, picked up Sprinkles, and set him on his shoulder and smiled.

    "You should be nicer to Thyme. She's not so bad, if you get to know her." he said with a grin as he headed to his dorm with the bag. He grunted and slung it on his bed when he arrived, and returned his pokemon, except for Sprinkles, who was still perched on his shoulder.

    "How about we head to the Volcano and train against some fire types?" Bri suggested, hoping that they would run into Nova. Sprinkles gave a shrug, and Bri set out again.


    Thyme quickly reached the class and darted through the legs of the humans.

    "All these humans look the same from this height... How am I going to find the right one?" she wondered aloud. She snivy shook her head and fell into step with the group, deciding that when they stopped, she could climb up one and see from a higher view.


    Nova growled and lunged at the leader of the Houndour pack with Fira Fang and bowled him over. He turned and slammed into another one with Facade. He was tough, but these three were tiring him out! He and Vulpix were not going to lose here!

    "Heh, you're pretty tough, you know?" he said with a slight growl. Vulpix huffed and shook his head.

    "N-niot that tough!" he said, and Nova chuckled.

    "Nope. Not that tough. Know why? I have a move I have never tried. It's a powerful one too, especially when I'm not in good shape, like now. Now, get ready for this!" he said, activating Reversal and slamming into the leader. The leader went down like a stone under the Super Effective attack, and Nova barked proudly, his barks resounding down the mountain. He turned to the other two, who snarled at him and charged. He used Reversal and hit one, and Vulpix slammed int the other one with Quick Attack.

    "Heh, not so tough now, are you?" he said with a smug smirk as the three Houndour groaned and stared at him.

    "Don't worry, I'm not after territory. I just wanted to fight. Later." Nova said, walking back the way he had come, Vulpix hot on his heels. That had gone well... Maybe he was ready to challenge his father again...
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