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    Maxwell sat, quietly humming a familiar tune simply containing the words "Diggy, diggy, hole. Diggy, diggy, hole." as he gently chipped away at the rock. Although he wasn't really digging a hole, the tune was somewhat appropriate regarding the situation.

    Humming a bit more as he chipped off a pretty decent piece, Maxwell turned his head at Gen's direction as he thought that there had just appeared something beside him. He was correct, beside the kid stood a blue Pokémon resembling an otter. It had long white whiskers, an angry look in its eyes and a hairdo that would even make Cloud Strife green with jealousy. Hmm... Maxwell thought that he recognized the Pokémon, he HAD seen it somewhere before but he couldn't really remember where...

    "Ah, screw it!" he thought when suddenly a rather big piece of the rock came off. Maxwell looked at it with a hint of curiousity, it was sorta gleaming on the inside. Almost as if there was some sort of spectrum inside of it. As Maxwell knew that the rock was almost broken, he decided to do one final stretch to crack it open. He carefully put the shiny rock on his bench, adjusting on which side it was laying on, and lots of other unneccesary measurements. Then, he lifted the pickaxe in a nice bow which would end right at the rock as the tool would come down.
    "And a 1, and a 2, and a 3, and a 4, and a smash!" Maxwell said before he brought the picaxe down towards the rock.


    Maxwell smiled at the satisfying sound of the rock breaking apart. But as he looked at his piece of work with amusement shining in his eyes, he noticed something. The pickaxe had somehow entered the rock WITHOUT breaking it, it was now stuck inside the stone and seemingly unable to get out. Maxwell looked at the pickaxe with a typical "are you kidding me?!"-face.

    "Um, excuse me Mr. Byron!" he said while holding up his hand, "My pickaxe... emh... S-Seems to have gotten stuck in the rock." he added a nervous laugh at the end of the sentence. Little did he know that this was the perfect moment for Byron to force Maxwell into demonstrating how to proprely break a rock.
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