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Okay, we're having issues with time zones as usual. There simply isn't a time that everyone is available at (sans 10 AM EST, which is a bit early for some). So, I proposed on the server that we hold the CN the entire day. This effectively removes the time zone issues, but now we will likely have problems retaining activity throughout the day. That problem might be minimized with the help of a forum notice however. We also need more events to do during the CN, since we have much more time to work with now. Post in this thread if you have any ideas! Stuff like trivia quizzes and mafia games could work.

It's now possible to hold individual tournaments for all tiers. There's a total of 14 tiers on PS, which should take roughly 14 hours total for them to be completed (depending on the participants and if people have their teams ready). I'm going to take out some tiers that are probably unnecessary:

1. Random Battle
2. Challenge Cup
3. OU
4. OU Suspect Test
5. CAP
6. Ubers
7. UU
8. RU
9. NU
10. LC
11. DW Ubers
11. DW OU
12. Hackmons
13. Balanced Hackmons
14. Glitchmons


1. Random Battle
2. OU
3. CAP
4. Ubers
5. UU
6. RU
7. NU
8. LC
9. DW OU
10. Balanced Hackmons
11. Glitchmons

As for the other ideas discussed on the server... We could have one introduction to competitive Pokémon at a certain time during CN. I see this as more of a tournament we could do, in which regulars can give advice during battles. Nothing too major. Nica should probably comment on this since it's her idea. Another event idea is having a Community Create-A-Team. If you don't know, it's where the entire community creates a team (discuss the process, decide what to use, etc.), but in the case on the server. This might spark some interest in CCATs and we could host more on the forum later.

Thoughts? Do you guys have any event ideas? ddit: Events related to B2W2 would be cool as well.