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Originally Posted by Wolflare View Post
Just saying, we peaked at around 20 or more members last night, which is likely the most we ever had online at once (especially for the newer version of the PC Battle Server).

We agreed unofficially that the next CN should happen around the same week as Halloween, and we could host some Halloween themed tournaments at that time. If you guys have any feedback, feel free to post.
v the highest recorded!!

But yeah I was thinking about ideas for that earlier and I was thinking maybe also a monotype (kinda!) tour of psychic/dark/ghost (and fighting?) only, but with every other tour on the day for each team to include one ghost type (FOR SPOOKY) and for each tour to have a specific creepy name. I thiiink there are good enough ghosts to suit this role every tier but that just might mean OU has a lot of Gengar, oh well! Also everyone should use the creepy old lady avatar but that'd be optional.

Or... make a ghost tourney as in, one Pokemon is Missingno so you can only use five overall!!

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